SOJA & Richie Campbell Collaboration

SOJA & Richie Campbell Collaboration

August 6th, 2013 was the official iTunes release of another SOJA song remixed. The latest release is a Jr Blender remix featuring Portugal’s Richie Campbell. The track is a remix of SOJA’s “Tell Me” off their fourth full-length studio album, Strength To Survive.

SOJA, seems to be on the forefront of international fame among US Reggae-Rock bands. Currently on an European tour, the group not only plays venues around the world but has collaborated with several talented international acts for a string of remix releases.

In April SOJA dropped the dub/alternative inspired remix of “Mentality” titled, “F*ck Your System” with Reggae’s beloved Samoan, J Boog, followed by the track, “She Still Loves Me,” with Bermuda’s Reggae star, Collie Buddz.

Now SOJA has reached out to singer/songwriter, Richie Campbell, one of the most promising acts in the European Reggae scene. The last time the two acts collaborated was last November when SOJA toured through Lisbon, and brought Campbell on the stage for a verse from his hit “That’s How We Roll” during SOJA’s “Not Done Yet.” Campbell also performed alongside SOJA again on the band’s most recent tour through Europe.

On this “Tell Me” remix collaboration, Campbell can be heard singing harmony and backup vocals with SOJA front man, Jacob Hemphill, through out the chorus and in various lines and accents. He also takies the lead on a verse through the middle of the song, delivering in his uniquely smooth reggae sound.

Fans can pick up the new remix, “Tell Me” on iTunes

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

SOJA – Tell Me (Jr Blender RMX feat. Richie Campbell)

SOJA – Fuck Your System ft. J Boog (Jr Blender Mentality RMX)

SOJA – She Still Loves Me ft. Collie Buddz