SOJA’s “Mentality” EP

SOJA’s “Mentality” EP

On June 18th SOJA will release their Mentality EP. This EP contains a compilation of 6 previously released tracks, at just over 26 minutes of total play time. The first three track listed are “Mentality”, “Everything Changes,” and “Not Done Yet” off the band’s latest release Strength to Survive.

The next two tracks include the two remixes of “Everthing Changes,” off the Everthing Changes EP. The final track is an accoustic version of “She Still Loves Me” off the bonus tracks from Strength to Survive. The EP will be available for digital download Tuesday!

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

Check out the music video for SOJA’s single, “Everthing Changes – Blanco Remix.”

Listen to the Helmut Remix of of “Everthing Changes.”