Sono Vero’s ‘Roses For The Reckless’ EP

Sono Vero’s ‘Roses For The Reckless’ EP

On September 15th, LA natives Sono Vero will be releasing their Roses For The Reckless EP for all the reggae lovers to enjoy. With the success and great sounds coming from their most recent singles, it was only natural that they stick with what’s working, and that meant having Lew Richards’ expertise to back them up.

17th Street Studios has been the home for the producing and recording of the entire EP since the band began working on it in December of 2012. With so much talent always in the area of Costa Mesa, California, the guys were able to have Moi of Tomorrows Bad Seeds help out with harmonies on a couple of tracks.

The announcement to put out the EP came just about a month after the release of their latest single, “Give You The World”. Sono Vero says they plan on having some guest features besides Moi on the harmonies but are trying to keep it a surprise for the fans. Following the release of Roses For The Reckless, they plan to shoot their first ever music video. Along with that, they will be hustling to promote their EP and eventually set out on a winter tour later this year.

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Lead singer, Charlie Ueda, left The Pier with a little more insight to the making of the new EP and why it is so special for him. “This EP really means a lot to me personally. Every single song has been given 110% of my writing abilities. Most of the material is very personal and it is truly amazing to have such an outlet for my thoughts like music.”

Make sure to catch Sono Vero live their next scheduled show at the Anaheim house of Blues with Pacific Dub on August 3rd! Be sure to check back with The Pier for more updates on Sono Vero and all other talents in the reggae community!

Sono Vero – Roses For The Restless EP track list:
1.) Party Girl
2.) Give You The World
3.) Never Say Good Bye
4.) Back and Forth
5.) Until the End of Forever

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Article By: David Garcia

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