Space Kamp release “Grow Together”

Space Kamp release “Grow Together”

The genre bending duo Space Kamp drop new single and video for “Grow Together” advocating for those that are in prison for Cannabis charges. 

Space Kamp release new single "Grow Together"

Space Kamp release “Grow Together”

Produced by Arizona’s multi instrumentalist Cygnill and Philadelphia staple Scott Stallone,
with guest vocals by Jessica Lamb-Viola, Grow Together is a raw and honest song that speaks on the hypocrisy of how cannabis is handled in the U.S.A.

It is estimated that 40,000 people are incarcerated for marijuana offenses even as the overall legal cannabis industry is booming.

Adoo and Oskee of Space Kamp say they were inspired to write the song after learning about the Non Profit- which helps supply commissary and wish list items for those in prison for Cannabis offenses. Their Vice President Randy Lanier was inprisioned for 27 years for non-violent cannabis charges.

“No one should be behind bars and taken from their families for a plant. We just hope to build conversation and bring as much attention as we can to Non-Profits like Freedom Grow”.

Space Kamp has been building their buzz organically. Both of their albums, “Electric Lemonade'” and “Butterfly Effect” debuted on Itunes top 10 Reggae charts. A high energy live show and connection with their audience has the stoney duo of Adoo and Oskee seeing their
“Rebel Hippies Community” grow each year. The Space Kamp boys also host The Rebel Hippies Show that runs every Monday right here on ThePier.

FREEDOM GROW is an all-volunteer non-profit 501c3 organization.  Helping cannabis prisoners regain freedom while supporting their sacrifices through ’The Wish Program’.  The Wish Program helps prisoners with commissary money, books, magazines, family outreach, and public education.

Check out the video Below!
Space Kamp release “Grow Together”