Stick Figure’s “Burial Ground”

Stick Figure’s “Burial Ground”

Stick Figure, AKA Scott Woodruff, has gained quite the follower-ship over the past six years. He has written and produced four full-length albums to date, most recently in August of 2010 with “The Reprise Sessions”. Now Woodruff is preparing for the release of his fifth album “Burial Ground” on June 12th, just in time for the summer heat.

With over 65 minutes of playing time and 14 solid tracks, Woodruff is proud to present his fans with his longest album yet. The album has been on the drawing board for nearly two years, but Woodruff couldn’t be more satisfied with his work. The album is said to encompass a variety of real-life messages including love, loss, drug smuggling, and overall “the beautiful things in life” according to Woodruff.

“Burial Ground” was yet again the outcome of a one-man band. Woodruff’s forte is a hybridization between an upbeat style of roots reggae and dub. For “Burial Ground”, Woodruff found motivation through real-time experiences and traveling. Five of the fourteen tracks were written by Woodruff and long-time friend TJ O’Neill while abroad. The two spent time in Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, and New Zealand over the past few years, and found plenty of time to write new music.

According to Woodruff, “We always bring out guitars along on the adventures and spend time each day and night writing new songs.” Song ideas were the upshot of a synergistic effort, and according to Woodruff some of the best Stick Figure songs resulted from their cooperative efforts. TJ O’Neill is also a featured vocalist on the track titled Weight Of Sound.

In addition to the allotment of O’Neill to his own verse, Stick Figure invited legendary reggae/ dancehall singer Half Pint to his studio for the song Women Of The Night.

According to Woodruff, his fifth album will be dedicated to his best friend and dog, Holly. Once a stray roaming the streets of Argentina, Holly was the first dog Woodruff owned himself. Needless to say, they had an incredible bond. Recently, Holly was tragically killed by a Coyote. However she was at the side of Woodruff for the whole writing and recording process of “Burial Ground”. According to Woodruff, “No one knows this new album better than her!”

Shortly after her passing, Woodruff made a video with unique lyrics and footage to celebrate “little doggie holly’s” life. He was shaken to see how many fans responded out of support. Rest in Peace Holly!

Following the release of “Burial Ground”, Stick Figure will host a couple of CD release parties, in which they will perform for the first time in quite a while. All in all, Woodruff is thrilled to play live again. Additionally, Stick Figure has confirmed he will tour in the early fall with whom woodruff claims as one of his favorite bands. Details to be released at a later date!

Here is the official Cover Art & Track List for Stick Figure’s “Burial Ground”, out on June 12th.

1.) Breathe
2.) Golden Hour
3.) Burial Ground
4.) Women of the Night (feat. Half Pint)
5.) Hard Drugs
6.) Weight of Sound (feat. TJ O’Neilll)
7.) Shelter
8.) Rocky Road
9.) Heartland
10.) Barrels
11.) Same Old Story
12.) Just Another Dream
13.) Coming Home
14.) Dreamland

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Article By: Matt Emodi

Check out Woodruff’s commemorative video and song for his adopted dog Holly! RIP.