Stick Figure’s “Fire On The Horizon” Remixed

Stick Figure’s “Fire On The Horizon” Remixed

While Stick Figure takes a tour of Europe with Raging Fyah, the group aligned themselves with Labrat, a Dub-step producer, for a remix of “Fire on the Horizon” from the 2015 release of Set In Stone.
After selling 25,000 copies of Set In Stone the group has found themselves remixing fan favorites. After 44+ weeks of being in the Top 10 Billboard Reggae charts, the album is garnering attention from all musical platforms, leading to this fun remix.

Stick Figure front-man, Scott Woodruff explains, “I really love the way the music builds in this remix. There is a certain art in crafting a song where the arrangement and building of layers tell a story, with each layer strategically placed leading to the “drop” in the song at the halfway point. It’s interesting to hear my track, which was initially written as an ambient reggae song, become stripped down and then given a whole new feel in a different genre, yet still capturing the feeling and emotion of the original.”

Travis Egner Williams, aka Labrat, is based out of Santa Cruz, CA and he burst onto the EDM scene back in 2010 with his bootleg of The XX track “Crystalized.”

Listen: Stick Figure – “Fire On The Horizon” (Labrat Remix)

Stick Figure is currently on a their first European tour throughout the month of October before finding their way back for a US tour this November. They’re sharing the road on a tour through Europe with Jamaica’s Raging Fyah.

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Following the success of the Set In Stone tour with Stick Figure, Raging Fyah invited the band to tour with them through Europe on their Everlasting Tour. When we caught up with Raging Fyah’s bassist, ‘Pele’, he shared that: “Being on the road with Stick figure was a European Tourgreat experience for us. From the first day, we got the feeling that these brothers were our family and that feeling remains the same unto this present day.”

Scott Woodruff, backed up that sentiment, stating: “We had such a great time hanging out and playing with them, it was a natural fit.”

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Stick Figure – “Fire On The Horizon”