Stoopid’s New 4 Song Sampler Released!

Stoopid’s New 4 Song Sampler Released!

Perhaps fans of the Ocean Beach, CA reggae-rock-jam band known simply as Slightly Stoopid, have not received enough perks & goodies this summer. With a forthcoming 21-song studio album, Stoopid is giving away 4 FREE songs to their devoted fan base to sample from the album Top of the World.

On August 14th, 2012 the full-length album Top of the World will be released via Stoopid Records, both physically and digitally, on multiple platforms and outlets including their current co-headlining Summer Unity Tour with 311.

With four full songs for fans to digest and further grow their respective anticipation for the remaining tracks, Slightly Stoopid’s album title track was released, along with the songs “Don’t Stop,” “Just Thinking” (featuring ex-Jurassic Five emcee Chali 2na) and “Pon Da Horizon,” which can be downloaded for FREE at or at the bottom of the page.

Through these four songs released, the melding of styles that Slightly Stoopid brings to the forefront is unmatched. The seven-piece band, along with Slightly Stoopid’s unofficial eighth member, Karl Denson, has teamed up with reggae legends Barrington Levy and Don Carlos on separate tracks, Fishbone’s frontman and saxophone player, Angelo Moore laying down his notorious brass and lyrical skills, rhythm and blues extraordinaire, G. Love, from G. Love and the Special Sauce, along with the aforementioned Chali 2na on “Just Thinking”.

There’s also Angela Hunte, who has collaborated with P. Diddy and Jay-Z in the past and also mixed genres with award-winning jazz guitarist Dan Papaila to record an album that is less than two weeks away from debuting on August 14th.

With four songs for fans to stew over for the remaining days before the official release, Top of the World is continuing on the onward and upward trajectory of the reggae-rock veterans.

Slightly Stoopid Top of the World Track Listing:
1.) Top of the World
2.) Don’t Stop
3.) Devils Door
4.) Serious Man
5.) Way You Move
6.) Drink Professionally
7.) Ur Love (feat. Barrington Levy)
8.) We Don’t Wanna Go
9.) Ska Diddy (feat. Angelo Moore)
10.) Just Thinking (feat. Chali 2na)
11.) Deal With Rhythm
12.) Pon Da Horizon
13.) Work
14.) Mona June (feat. Angela)
15.) Rhythm Streets
16.) Hiphoppablues (feat. G. Love)
17.) New Day
18.) Underneath the Pressure
19.) Marijuana (feat. Don Carlos)
20.) I’m on Fire
21.) Intro to Organics (feat. Dan Papaila)

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Article By: Kris Siuta
Photo By: David Norris

Video: Here’s Slightly Stoopid performing “Top of the World” live for San Diego Radio, 91x. Enjoy