Stoopid’s New Album Track Listing…

Stoopid’s New Album Track Listing…

With each week passing this summer, another band in the Reggae-Rock community either releases an album or reveals details regarding an upcoming album. With Hall of Fame inductees, mainstream touring acts & bands on the rise in the rear view mirrors, it’s time to take a look at the future w/Slightly Stoopid’s Top Of The World album release.

Not long ago, after countless inquires during interviews with Slightly Stoopid’s band members to get confirmations or even a single hint, we later revealed the all-star guest appearances, the number of songs, tentative track titles, as well as the release date for Top of the World. Now, with a mini holiday on August 14th rapidly approaching the official track listing for the 21-song album has been announced.

With that announcement, Slightly Stoopid also released the band’s upcoming title track as the first single off of Top of the World with the anticipation continuing to build, especially after hearing “Top of the World” on local radio stations. The song “Top of the World” features both Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald exchanging verses throughout, which even for the free-form and free-wheeling band is still a rarity their fan base, the Ese Locos, will surely look forward to at live shows!

The seven-piece Ocean Beach, California outfit, along with their unofficial eighth member, Karl Denson, teamed up with reggae legends Barrington Levy and Don Carlos, Fishbone’s frontman and saxophone player, Angelo Moore, rhythm and blues extraordinaire, G. Love, from G. Love and the Special Sauce, along with Chali 2na, formerly of Jurassic 5, Angela Hunte, who has collaborated with P. Diddy and Jay-Z in the past, also collaborated with award-winning jazz guitarist Dan Papaila to record an album that can’t come soon enough.

With the star-studded guest appearances and previous Stoopid Records releases combining nearly 1,000,000 records sold, the band’s seventh album release might just put even more emphasis on the album title, Top of the World.

Slightly Stoopid Top of the World Track Listing:
1.) Top of the World
2.) Don’t Stop
3.) Devils Door
4.) Serious Man
5.) Way You Move
6.) Drink Professionally
7.) Ur Love (feat. Barrington Levy)
8.) We Don’t Wanna Go
9.) Ska Diddy (feat. Angelo Moore)
10.) Just Thinking (feat. Chali 2na)
11.) Deal With Rhythm
12.) Pon Da Horizon
13.) Work
14.) Mona June (feat. Angela)
15.) Rhythm Streets
16.) Hiphoppablues (feat. G. Love)
17.) New Day
18.) Underneath the Pressure
19.) Marijuana (feat. Don Carlos)
20.) I’m on Fire
21.) Intro to Organics (feat. Dan Papaila)

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Article By: Kris Siuta

Listen to the new single “Top of the World”