Street Pharmacy’s New EP

Street Pharmacy’s New EP

Street Pharmacy, reggae/hip hop fusion group from Ontario, Canada has just recently announced the release of their newest EP Alimony. The 6-track EP moves more towards reggae-rock, roots and is said to be heavily influenced by their.

As put by their front man Ryan Guay, “Our fans stuck by us through our time on MuchMusic here in Canada and helped us to figure out where to go after that, through the Founding Fan program. We loved showing the fans what it is like to record an EP. The fact that the fans were there with us made us as a band feel a lot more connected with them.”

This most recent recording is Street Pharmacy’s fifth release, and was inspired by overwhelming fan requests to return to their popular reggae-rock sound. The six new tracks were recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. They experimented with several genres that may not have appeared in some of their previous releases. A prime example being the country-inspired bridge of the opening song “Step Outside”.

The album is available for immediate download by clicking HERE as well as on iTunes.

However, if you download it from their site, you get a bigger bang for your buck. For just $10, you will receive the new EP in addition to copies of Street Pharmacy’s entire back catalogue, access to exclusive video content, and a soundcheck pass to a private show where you can meet the band. It’s an incredible deal so don’t miss out on the opportunity and check out their new EP Alimony.

Street PharmacyAlimony EP
Track Listing:
1.) Step Outside
2.) Change
3.) Shepherd’s Pride
4.) Twenty One
5.) Alimony
6.) It Ain’t That Crazy (feat. Sosa & A-Plus)

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Article By: Jason Gallagher

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