Sublime Releases Art-Based Coloring Book

Sublime Releases Art-Based Coloring Book

If you haven’t noticed, Sublime has expanded their sound to becoming a visual brand that goes beyond just producing music, posters and t-shirts. Among lighters, ashtrays, windshield covers, coffee mugs & wallets, you can now add an art-based coloring book to your growing Sublime collection…

The book includes 24 total illustrations including Sublime’s inconic 40oz to Freedom sun, as well as old flyers, cover-arts, t-shirt designs, and my personal favorite, the crying sun by artist Opie Ortiz; among others. All of the illustrations are in black & white to enable your own coloring customization and as a bonus, it comes with a sheet of temporary Sublime tattoos. sublime coloring book

As the press release reads, “Like living with Lou-dog, coloring in this book is the only way to stay sane.”

Sublime is as much a visual brand as they are a band that changed the sound of music, creating a sub-genre while flying the flag of tattooed inspired artwork that became synonymous with their sound, style and attitude.

In addition to the coloring book, Sublime is rolling out with new socks, hats, tapestry, patches, t-shirts, flasks & shot glasses. You can also find a ton of various Sublime merchandise inside Spencers, Wal*mart, Target, but for this coloring book, you can only pick it up by clicking HERE!


As for Sublime’s music, the latest update came on June 24th, 2016 when Sublime released a Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set with Exclusive Bonus Content! In other-words, all of the studio & live albums that Sublime has put out from 1991 to 1998 is now available to listen to on vinyl!

This vinyl box set collection includes Sublime’s three main studio albums in 180-gram 2-LP gatefold plus 3D lenticular cover art editions, in addition to 1997’s release of Second-Hand Smoke, 1998’s Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends and Stand By Your Van: Live in 180-gram pressings. The latter will include five bonus live tracks featured on the previously released CD and an etched image of Lou Dog on Side 4 — This is all exclusive to the limited edition box-set — As of this writing, there are still some of the box-set left, but not for long. You can purchase your limited edition copy by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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