Sublime Summer Mixtape

Sublime Summer Mixtape

Eon Sinclair, bassist for reggae-rock band Bedouin Soundclash, has recently taken the name The Soul Proprietor. The Soul Proprietor, who plays with a concept group called the Soul Professionals, delves into a wide variety of musical genres including reggae, hip-hop, electronic production, and soul.

“DJing is my opportunity to have a lot of fun and pay homage to my Pops who’s DJ-ing and record collecting has helped to shape who I am and what I do,” says The Soul Proprietor. “It’s also an amazing way to spread dope music, something that the world is consistently in need of. The vision is to show the connections between genres that are unified by virtue of having soul.”

It is with this band and their arsenal of musical variety that Sinclair created the Sublime Summer Mixtape, 30 minutes of music from Sublime, Sublime with Rome, The Wailers, Pepper, illScarlet and KO as a companion to the Sublime Summer Show in Toronto this August. All thirty minutes were hand selected by The Soul Proprietor himself, coming together to create the ultimate soundtrack for your summer!

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Article By: Jason Gallagher