Sublime With Rome, minus Bud…

Sublime With Rome, minus Bud…

Contrary to popular belief, Sublime With Rome is not disbanding. Over the past few weeks since the Point Panic Music Festival in Hawai’i, rumors have been swirling about a feud within the band.

This past weekend at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles, the band addressed what the true reason for all the discussions about possible time off from the road.

“I only feel it’s morally right to let you know this will be my last show with Sublime With Rome for awhile,” Bud Gaugh (SWR drummer) explained to Kevin and Bean of Los Angeles KROQ 106.7 before the band’s set. “I’m taking a break because I’m going to be a dad real soon and I need to be here for my family.” Both Eric Wilson (bass) and Rome Ramirez (vocals and guitar) were present for the interview prior to their performance and said that Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle/The Vandals/Devo/Weezer) would fill in for Bud for the near future.

Shortly thereafter, SWR released a statement in regards to Josh Freese and the possibility of the Southern California beat-master playing with the band on their 2012 shows stating:

“There’s been some talk (and wishful thinking on our part) of bringing in our good friend/drummer extraordinaire Josh Freese, but unfortunately he’s busy with some other commitments and we’re not sure if it could work or not.”

The one thing the Sublime With Rome camp is sure of is their effort to continuing spreading the timeless music that the fans have cherished for the past two decades. During their Acoustic Christmas performance in Los Angeles, the crowd still identified and held true to that sentiment as SWR ran through Sublime’s unending catalog with “Scarlet Begonias”, “Garden Grove” and “Under My Voodoo” along with the countless KROQ radio hits along the way.

Sublime With Rome wanted to make it clear to their fans, that their intentions are to push on through towards 2012 and continuing to bring the music that fans love, to a city near you! “What we are sure about is how excited we are to hit the road again in the New Year and see all of you. You’ve embraced Sublime With Rome and our music, and, at the same time, helped us continue to share the music of Sublime and its legacy, keeping Brad’s music alive. You’re the best. Have a great holiday and see you in 2012.”

And, everyone will see the band in 2012. The band’s upcoming tour dates are being finalized, and slowly being unveiled. The first show to be announced, which might be the biggest, is set for March 3rd, 2012, at Cypress Hill’s Smokeout Music Festival with a bunch of heavy-hitters in the music industry, including good friends the Dirty Heads and Wiz Khalifa, along with Korn, Café Tacuba and the gracious hosts, Cypress Hill.

It would be ironic for the Smokeout to be a reincarnation of the band, after the 2010 rendition of Cypress Hill’s festival was the breakout performance for Sublime With Rome. In addition, with SWR, the Dirty Heads and Wiz Khalifa in the house, devoted fans will have an opportunity to hear collaborations on fan favorites “Lay Me Down” from the Dirty Heads featuring Rome and SWR’s “Can You Feel It” with Wiz Khalifa laying down his studio verse.

This is not the end of Sublime With Rome, just the beginning of another chapter to be written in the long, storied history of the pioneers of reggae-rock music.

Article By: Kris Siuta
Photos By: Amanda Zancanella

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