Sublime With Rome Releases New Single: “Wicked Heart”

Sublime With Rome Releases New Single: “Wicked Heart”

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 7 years since Sublime with Rome released their 2011 debut album with Yours Truly. In 2015 they dropped their sophomore record Sirens and while we wait on details for a third studio album, the group has released a new single titled, “Wicked Heart.”
“Wicked Heart” is expected to be the first single from the groups Spring 2019 record. The song and album is said to be produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Paramore, Linkin Park) and Andrew Goldstein (Robert DeLong, Blackbear, Lauv). This is the first single since Sublime with Rome released an Amazon Exclusive with the song “Secrets” back in 2016.

When discussing the spark of the song, guitarist/vocalist Rome Ramirez explains: “My girl and I were talking one night, reflecting on life and taking a breather, but then we started talking about money and the baby that’s on the way… then boom! Things got heated, and all of the sudden this nice, fancy dinner turned into the Cold War. What started as something so nice and beautiful took such a wicked twist.”

The song sounds like it has the groove of Sublime legend Eric Wilson’s signature sounding bass over an otherwise poppy cross-over reggae track with a quick lyrical flow inside a soulful delivery. This is the first single the group has released under the new line up that includes former Tribal Seeds drummer Carlos Verdugo.

Their first album, Yours Truly, was released with original Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh. Upon his departure entered one of the best drummers in the world with Josh Freese who was with the group when they released Sirens in 2015. With the release of “Wicked Heart,” we’re closer to hearing what a third studio album will sound like with a drummer that Sublime’s Ras MG was saying is incredible at playing inside the pocket of that signature Sublime sound.

Sublime with Rome will carry the momentum of their new release into their “Rock the Roots Tour” which coincides with multiple headlining festivals and fair dates throughout the summer before heading to South America and the Caribbean for headlining shows. Tour dates and links are below.

You can stream or download their new song by clicking HERE!

Watch: Sublime with Rome – “Wicked Heart” (Lyrical Video)

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Article By: Mike Patti

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