Sublime with Rome’s Reddit AMA Recap

Sublime with Rome’s Reddit AMA Recap

When Eric Wilson (former bassist for Sublime and current bassist for Sublime with Rome) came across East Bay Area musician Rome Ramirez in 2009 there was no telling where the relationship would lead. Six years, multiple tours, and nearly two albums later, Ramirez and Wilson are still together and ready to head out on tour with the likes of Rebelution, Pepper, and Mickey Avalon.

Sublime with Rome’s Reddit AMA Recap

The 27-year-old Rome Ramirez took time to catch up with fans during a recent Reddit AMA on June 6th at 2pm (PT) where he acknowledged that 40oz to Freedom was his favorite Sublime album and Fishbone would be the ultimate touring partner. He answered questions about his favorite shoes, which were Jordan’s OG 13’s. Rome Ramirez

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Rome acknowledged that the group is working on a Mexico tour, but advised there aren’t a whole lot of reputable promoters there to make it happen. Sublime with Rome has a new album, their second, titled Sirens set to release on July 17th. Here is just some of what Rome had to say:

On Bud Gaugh’s decision to quit the band…
“Bud just didn’t see eye to eye with how business was being handled, but everyone else didn’t see a problem. If you read deep into Sublime’s deep history, way before I was shit on a stick, the problem was always around”

On the album art for Sirens by artist Drew Brophy…
“I had the general idea, but Drew Brophy murdered that and I would feel like a an asshole if I even tried to claim 5% of that epic-ness”

On Sublime with Rome possible tour dog…
“We do his name is Herman. It’s Eric’s rotty”

On the decision to keep the name Sublime…
“Whatever Bud and Eric want to do, I go with. Who am I to tell them what they can and can’t do with their band. I’m just grateful”

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Ramirez has been compared to Sublime front-man Bradley Nowell ever since the beginning of Sublime with Rome, with many standing on opposite sides of the argument. Over the years, Sublime with Rome has started to build a set list based more around their own original songs. Ramirez and Wilson are accompanied by drummer Josh Freese, a touring veteran who has been a member of both Guns N’ Roses and Nine Inch Nails.

Sublime with Rome’s upcoming album Sirens will be released on July 17th. With the summer tour set to begin the day before in Chula Vista, California, the two should coincide nicely. You can pre-order the new album Sirens on Sublime with Rome’s website by clicking HERE!

Sublime with Rome Tour Dates

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Article By: Keenan Donath
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