Summer Meltdown Festival 2014

Summer Meltdown Festival 2014

Throughout recent years, it seems as though more and more festivals are being created all across the nation to give music lovers a chance to see some of their favorite bands, especially in California. However, for the past 10 years, there is one festival that has set itself apart from the rest…

On Saturday, April 26th, the 11th annual Summer Meltdown Festival is set to take place at the City of Santa Clarita Skatepark and field in Santa Clarita, California. This yearly all-age Autism Awareness Art and Music Festival is presented by Yes I Can (YIC), a program which connects students who have a variety of spectrum disorders, mainly Autism and Asperger’s syndrome, with peer mentors “while teaching them social and life skills which embrace acceptance.”

According to the event’s co-founder, Bret Lieberman, the mission of the Summer Meltdown is to bridge the gap between socially isolated students on the autism spectrum and their neurotypical peers. When The Pier asked Bret what inspired him to put together this festival 11 years ago, he explained, “The YES I CAN social inclusion program for students on the autism spectrum and their neurotypical peer mentors culminates with an end of the year celebration. One year, the students were tired of pizza parties and wanted to try to plan something for not only them, but their school and community. They suggested a concert since music is an age-appropriate universal language. And the meltdown was born.”

The Summer Meltdown includes many talented artists who will be painting and drawing alongside live music from some of today’s biggest names in the reggae scene. The event will feature two main stages on the field, one stage in the skatepark and a tent for the DJs.

The cost is only $20 for presale tickets and $25 the day of, for a full day of music and art from over 40 bands and artists. Doors for this family-friendly event open at 11am and the live music will run from noon to 8pm.

The festival will feature special acoustic performances by Matisyahu and The Dirty Heads with additional music provided by Stick Figure, Seedless, Krooked Treez, Arise Roots and many more! In addition, David Ornelas of Stranger will be performing a set with the band, as well as showcasing his artistic talents throughout the day with other established live artists such as Al Scholl, Jimmy Ovadia, Kirk “Paintmouth” O’Hara and others. Sponsors include the World Famous KROQ, DC Shoe Company and Skate team, Moore Media, Olley Skate and more!

Bret adds, “Our goal is our motto: Unity through Music and Education. Now it’s become Unity Through music, art, and education. We want to bridge the gap between socially isolated students on the autism spectrum and their neurotypical peers. We expect this to be our biggest year yet!”

Make sure to check below for the full lineup of bands and live artists as well as a link to the Summer Meltdown’s website for more information regarding the event and the Yes I Can program for autism!

You can purchase tickets to the 11th Annual Summer Meltdown HERE!

Summer Meltdown Full Lineup:
Matisyahu * The Dirty Heads * Stick Figure * Seedless * Cisco Adler * Badfish *
Krooked Treez * Hirie * The Expanders * Arise Roots * Ease Up * Katastro * Thrive *
Stranger * Iya Terra * Papafish * Mystic Roots * Jet West * Wheeland Bros *
Natural Incense * Piracy Conspiracy * Rian Basilio and The Roosters * Reeform *
Wakane * Forrest Day * Rick Thorne * Top Shelf * Breaking Tempo * Ontronik *
New Beat Fund * Magni 5 * Chris Young

Live Art By:
Al Scholl * Jimmy Ovadia * Kirk O’Hara * David Stranger * Timoi * Enrique Gallegos *
Tara Nichole * Amber Jahn * Michael Richard Rosenblatt * Spar Art * Jordyn Anaya *
Elizabeth Randolph * Christian Alexander Soto * Anna Randolph * Gilbert Bernal *

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Article By: David Garcia

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Watch: Iya Terra – “Love Is Crucial”