Surfer Girl “Noon” (Album Review)

Surfer Girl “Noon” (Album Review)

Surfer Girl New album “Noon” Coming through like a fast current!

If you don’t know, you need to! Check out Surfer Girl, dropping their newest album Noon and exploding as we speak! This special gem has brought remarkable velocity in full force across the country of the reggae- rock scene! Ineffable Records brings a phenomenal multifaceted pop reggae hip hop band that has blown us out of the water!

Surfer Girl is on the road non-stop embracing every city they come by. With their never-ending evolving track, their artistic musical talent sets them apart from the rest; their very own sound and special authenticity. Being a surfer girl, your whole center and soul gravitates to the pull and of the ebb of the universe. This happened right here in Florida! I finally got to see Surfer Girl live in concert, and twice so far!

They have an unreal live performance that has a mesh of hip hop, reggae, and a funky vibe that will blow you away!

“Feels right”, has that total air hug letting you know that that one special human is gonna come along! Their energetic reggae – hip hop sound is like no other! If Rage Against the Machine, Parliament -Funkadelic and Snoop Dog had a party, they would definitely want this band playing front and center sharing that beautiful stage! They funk it out and make you want to move baby!

The new album Noon has so many surprises with catchy, uplifting, mellow and throw you out of your chair riveting lyrical content with beautiful blends of guitars, swarming keys, and those drums, boy she sure does bring it! Noon is such a great album, and the song itself is a sweet summery oceanic trip to wave town! Hold on, wait till you hear “Sweet Tooth” …oh it is sweet! This jam sesh is super fun, enlightening and exciting at the same time! “Motion (ft. Tessellated)” starts out super mellow, to a hip hop beat with smooth party surf vibe that will bring that whole room alive! “Disco Dust” transcends to a whole another level of fast and the furious. My favorite, “Set in Stone” (ft. Jared Watson of Dirty Heads).

The epic piece has such a cool sound with hip hop vibe. This whole album is positive and energetic! Surfer Girl is a refreshing sound that has evolved and continues to send shockwaves throughout the

I think this band has created their own genre! Go listen …and get ready for the ride of your life!

Review by: Stefanie Sanchez