Taj Weekes & Adowa’s 5th Studio Record

Taj Weekes & Adowa’s 5th Studio Record

Taj Weekes & Adowa are set to release their 5th studio album on February 12th, 2016. The album, titled Love, Herb & Reggae, serves as a refreshing, reggaefied spin on the vintage phrase “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll.” The latest installment from Taj Weekes will be released through VPAL, the distribution arm of VP Records.
Love Herb & Reggae
A native to St. Lucia and a proud social activist, Taj Weekes has a gentle, comforting voice that smoothly contrasts with his powerful lyrics. His backing band Adowa, a well-versed collective of musicians from an array of Caribbean islands, provide Weekes with captivating melodies and steady rhythms.

Love, Herb & Reggae is a 14 track album that Taj Weekes is labeling as his most political to date. Weekes explains, “I’ve always spoken for what’s right, but in my songs I held back a bit. Now I want to shout it out for everyone to hear.”

Love, Herb & Reggae also represents a progression in Weekes’ process of crafting songs. He informs us that “this time I carefully chose chords that not only fit the melody but would support the words.”

All these elements blend together to construct an album that is simultaneously mellow and defiant, provocative yet blissful.

To celebrate the release of Love, Herb & Reggae, Taj Weekes & Adowa will be performing live at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on February 12th, 2016. Mighty Mystic, who has his own upcoming album, will also take the trip south from Boston to join Taj Weekes & Adowa on stage.

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Article By: Brian Winters