Tatanka’s New Single & Tour!

Tatanka’s New Single & Tour!

Homegrown in Denver Colorado, Tatanka is a 4 piece specializing in the sounds of dub, progressive reggae, and electro soundscapes and this Friday, they’ll be releasing a new single “Parachutes”. The single is from their upcoming album titled John Dunbar that will be released on October 8th, 2011.

The new single, Parachutes, was produced by Dave Jackson of Revolution Soundlabs & Tatanka. When The Pier asked the Denver natives what a song like Parachutes is about and they told us the Song is about the constant struggle between more and less. Finding that perfect lifestyle balance maybe even loosing it sometimes but getting back on track when it comes down to it all. It sounds interesting enough and this Friday you’ll be able to download the single for FREE. Stay tuned by following Tatanka on their Facebook by clicking HERE

The new album, Album, John Dubar is expected to be a 12 track album packed with 80minutes worth goo reggae music. This album was also produced by Dave Jackson of Revolution Soundlabs & Tatanka. In the meantime, if your not too familiar with Tatanka, we have their Sounds in Technicolor EP available for FREE download inside our MP3 Massive section. Go download it for FREE by clicking HERE

Good news continues to pour in as this October, following the release of their new album, Tatanka will be playing direct support on a tour with Law Records own, Passafire. Check out the dates below. This should be a killer tour considering both groups will have new releases! And here we thought the summer would be holding all the exciting tours. This is a good time for Reggae-Rock music as these 2 groups will be bringin the sounds of summer into the Fall this October!

Tatanka w/Passafire Tour Dates
Oct 15th @ University of CO. Boulder, CO
Oct 16th @ Belly Up. Aspen, CO
Oct 17th @ Velour. Provo, UT
Oct 21st @ Hawthorne. Portland, OR
Oct 22nd @ Nectars. Seattle, WA
Oct 23rd @ Wow Hall. Eugene, OR
Oct 25th @ Atrium. Santa Cruz, CA
Oct 26th @ Slo Brew Co. San Luis Obispo, CA
Oct 27th @ Soho. Sanata Barbara, CA
Oct 28th @ Sainte Rocke. Hermosa, CA
Oct 29th @ Winston’s. San Diego, CA
Oct 30th @ Rhythm ROom. Phoenix, AZ