The Aggrolites – “Rugged Road”

The Aggrolites – “Rugged Road”

Los Angeles-based band, The Aggrolites, as mentioned in our Most Anticipated Albums article, announced the release of their latest album, Rugged Road. The album will be released as a series of two vinyl singles followed by a full length release in 12″ vinyl, CD and digital formats. Both of the 45 singles Trial And Error and Dreaming On Erie are available now at and retail outlets, and the full length album will be released February 22 on Young Cub Records.

The recording sessions took place at Young Cub Records’ studio headquarters in Boston, MA with Craig DubFader Welsch (Slightly Stoopid, John Brown’s Body) at the controls.
Here’s what Jeff Roffredo, bass player of The Aggrolites had to say about the recording sessions: The band wanted to lay down these new rhythms on reel to reel tape, playing all together in one room to create a vibe that can’t be copied by any of the newest advances in recording technology.

The Aggrolites are more than a band, they are a movement unto themselves. They carry a banner – one created with their own hands. This banner reads Dirty Reggae and represents their signature fusion of reggae, soul, grit and determination. For seven years this dirty reggae bunch has rolled from city to city, across the pond and up
main street USA. They rally the kids, the parents, the students, the cops, the bosses and the drifters. The people come, they relish in the Aggrolites, the dirty reggae and the joy that comes with it all. The liberating rhythms and catchy grooves demand a return trip.

Official Music Video for The Aggrolites new song Complicated Girl

Meet The Aggrolites:
Jess Wagner – Vocals/Lead guitar
Roger Rivas – Organ
Brian Dixon – Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Roffredo – Bass
Alec McKenzie – Drums

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