The B Foundation in the Studio

The B Foundation in the Studio

Southern, CA’s The B Foundation returned last November after a 2 year hiatus from writing, recording and performing. Since November, the group has been knocking the dust off the tour van as they’ve been performing in and out of California. Now, the group is back in the studio recording new material!

“We never really ‘broke up’ but we were due for a break after ten years and constant touring, fighting, loving, and replacing lead guitar players. We needed to take time to heal and grow as humans,” bassist BFStudioJason Moorehead told us last year when the group announced their return. Joining Jason is Pat Stevenson on rhythm guitar and vocals, Gyl Bonus on lead-guitar and Ian McGrath on drums.

Since announcing their return to music, they’ve shared a few dates with Passafire in California and performed a few shows in Arizona. They’re set to headline Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA on 4/20. In-between playing sparingly, the group has been practicing and writing new material as they’re currently inside 17th Street Recording Studio out of Costa Mesa, CA working with Mic Dangerously of Zen Robbi who is helping produce & engineer.

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When I caught up with Jason Moorehead, he said they’re currently recording 3 songs, but have another 3 ready to record when budget allows. The 3 new songs they’re recording are called “Hollywood Poser”, “Indo Addict” and “Hole In My Pocket”.

“Id say the thrash punk song is my favorite – very Strung Out/NOFX style; fast and loud, and the chords are killer,” explains Mic. “I also like that it’s called ‘Hollywood Poser’.

So with “Hollywood Poser” being described as pure punk-rock, “Indo Addict” is best described by Moorehead as a track with “a really haunting guitar riff that reminds me of The Clash and Rage Against The Machine if they gave birth to Ice Cube.” The song itself is about people who are addicted to smoking pot with the extreme stoners! “Hole In My Pockets” is said to be summertime bluesy feeling around the topic of being a broke ass band on tour and “living off pennies and doing 360s in the snow,” Moorehead says.
When we published our 2015 Most Anticipated Albums feature, The B Foundation showed up with the expectations of them releasing a live album. Jason explained that the album is there to be released, they’ve just been focusing on new material lately. They may release the live album before the new songs as they’re still unsure if they’re going to drop an EP or full length first. At this stage, they’re still unsure of a release date or time frame, but it appears that they have a good amount of material to release to continue their jump-started return to the stage and studio.

With at least 6 new songs written, including the 3 they’re currently recording, it’s my hope we get the live album while anticipating the newer material, whether it’s an EP or an album. More importantly, I hope they can support their new material with a tour. They have no plans to be the road-dogs they once were, but if the demand is there and the band can pay their bills, I’m sure that sort of demand may change their perspective.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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