The B Foundation is Back!

The B Foundation is Back!

It’s been a little more than 2 years since we heard about The B Foundation announcing new music or shows. The headline says it all as Southern California’s Surf-Rock-Reggae band has plans for a return show on Black Friday along with a talked about live-album.

Indeed, The B Foundation has returned with their current & throwback line up that includes:

  • Pat Stevenson on Vocals/Guitar
  • Jason Moorehead on Bass
  • Gyl Bonus on Lead Guitar
  • Ian McGrath on drums.

The band originally formed and started playing as a 3 piece back in 2001. The lineupbF evolved over the years, as did their sound & following. Before the band went on hiatus, following their last official show back in May 2012, the group had toured & shared the stage with Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads, Rebelution, Iration, Eeka-A-Mouse, VooDoo Glowskulls, Fishbone, Barrington Levy & more!

As for the reason for the hiatus, bassist, Jason Moorehead explains: “We never really ‘broke up’ but we were due for a break after ten years and constant touring, fighting, loving, and replacing lead guitar players. We needed to take time to heal and grow as humans.”

Lead Guitarist, Gyl Bonus was one of those guitarists who had previously been with the group, but decided to quit the band in 2007 after having a baby. He was with The B when they put out the 2006 release of Trouble Standing and played lead guitar on a good portion of their debut release The Deep End. The shuffling of lead-guitarists ensued as the band went through 2 more lead guitarists, following Gyl’s departure in 2007.

“When you’re a mid level touring monster, it’s very tough to live, let alone be a father and financially be able to support your family,” continues Jason. “I mean, stealing hot dogs at the truck stop is one thing, but needless to say, I had to get a ‘real’ job and with all other parts of the band crumbling at the same time, it was easy to just stop what we were doing and say: ‘We’ll get going again when all four of our lives get in better working order.'”

Lead singer & guitarist, Pat Stevenson sums it up rather sweet from his perspective when he explains the reason for the hiatus: “Too many marriages and too many kids. Too much booze and elevated liver enzymes. And that so called life needed to be taken care of.” – Sounds like the subject of a promising new single!

Their last single release was in 2010 with the aptly titled track, “Take Some Time”. The group put out 3 full length albums in 10 years, their last one being in 2009 with the release of Souvenirs Novelties and Party Tricks. Between their debut album, The Deep End and their sophomore release of Trouble Standing, the group sold more than 20,000 units a long with international distribution. That’s not bad for a mid level touring monster who was actually more of an early brick layer for the reggae-rock genre, dating back to more than a decade ago. With 10 years worth of spreading their reggae-rock music around the world, they helped pave the way for other mid-level bands to suffice a national tour. 10 years ago, not many bands in the reggae-rock scene were able to tour nationally – The B Foundation was one of those groups and their mid-level national touring success is what helped evolve the sound and national tours we celebrate today!

With a lot of success in their rear view mirror, the group is looking to move forward with their now rekindled, circa 2006, line up. “Baby steps,” says Drummer, Ian McGrath. “I want to keep things fun, and not set our expectations too high. You can expect more local, and regional shows with an eventual record. I really want to focus on playing well and tight. While we have been chilling, all the bands we used to hit the road with have gotten tighter than ever.”

The baby steps Ian is referring to starts with their first live-show back 44627_10151524412496701_1757112673_non Friday, Nov. 28th, 2014 at DiPiazza’s in Long Beach, CA. The ‘eventual record’ Ian alludes to, is looking to be a live album from one of their shows in Seattle, WA. And Ian couldn’t be more spot on with how the scene has grown! In 2 short years, we’ve seen this reggae-rock genre & community of bands receive more commercial attention, leading to more commercial opportunities. It will be close to 5 years since the band put out new music, but it appears the focus is on jamming & reconnecting as a band.

With their first show back on Nov 28th, I asked the group what fans could look forward to them playing and what songs they look to revisit right away. Jason shares, “Mostly all of ‘Trouble Standing’ and 60% percent of ‘The Deep End’. We also have a few songs from ‘Souvenirs Novelties and Party Tricks’ a long with some new covers!”

As a fan, I started working in the scene when they first came out, putting their music on my old Sense Boardwear Compilations as well as The Pier Compilation Volume 1. I couldn’t be happier for their return & if you’re in the southern California region after Thanksgiving, head on down to DiPiazza’s for their first official show back in over 2 years! The Pier will be in attendance and we look forward to bringing you more updates as they’re made available to us! Check the links & videos below – Welcome back B!

The B Foundation Links:
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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: The B Foundation – “Too Damn Tough”

Watch: The B Foundation – “Take Some Time”