The Bastard Suns’ Long Live Song National Tour

The Bastard Suns’ Long Live Song National Tour

The Bastard Suns Spring Tour

Just half a year ago, The Bastard Suns were on the verge of disaster, having written an album, but not being financially stable enough to back it. Well after their proudest moment to date, the band was able to raise $17,000 in order to record their latest album entitled Long Live Song, which was released in December of 2013.

The album was the bands fourth full length, and featured the song “Enlighten Up” which was released as an Mp3 of the Week song right here at The Pier.

After using most of the money for the recording of the album, the Bastards of Atlanta have decided to take the remaining money to embark on their 10th national run entitled Long Live Song National Tour. Armed with a new bassist, Mongo Peterson, as well as vocalist Whitney Carite, the Suns look forward to 25 headlining dates across the United States. Lead by their trusty new RV, I’m told, the band is going to hit The Bastard Suns Spring TourFlorida, Georgia, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana and two of their favorites, Colorado and California.

“They (CO and CA) always hold special significance for us. The crowds are amazing, the laws of the land aren’t quite so strict and the landscapes are so different from the East Coast that one really feels as though they’ve traveled somewhere and accomplished something.”

Adding on to the tour will be the six-piece outfit from Palm Beach, Florida, a.k.a. Spred The Dub. When asked about how they picked STD to join the tour, the Suns replied “They’re performances are very good, and they challenge you to perform well every night. Also, they know how to party and deserve to go on an amazing adventure. In this case, we hit the lottery with Spred the Dub because they fill both requirements with a certain debonair penache. Much like finding a unicorn.”

For special performances they told me since they recently gained Clay’s (vocals) fiancée “There might be a certain Sublime duet being covered nightly. Also we’ll be working with two bass players (for different legs), and we’ll have special nightly guest appearances from Spred The Dub’s trombonist Sam Szpendyk and keyboardist Eric Cohen-Greenberg.”

As far as any new songs or covers, I apparently have to go to the show to find out. So go an check out The Bastard Suns Long Live Song National Tour this March.


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Article By: Andrew McClatchy

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