The Dirty Heads Announce New Album ‘Swim Team’

The Dirty Heads Announce New Album ‘Swim Team’

On October 13th, (Friday the 13th) Dirty Heads will release their 5th album in 5 years with Swim Team. It features 11 total tracks and will be released via Five Seven Music. The album will drop just before their fall tour with The Unlikely Candidates and Tyrone’s Jacket beginning October 24th.

While we’ve yet to hear the entire album, the press release reads that Swim Team moves between pop, alternative, hip-hop, reggae, and rock. They’re working with a slew of guest producers that include the return of Rome Ramirez in addition to Jonas Jeberg, Blueprint, Oren Yoel, Heavy and The Score.
What stands out the most is the amount of music Dirty Heads have released since putting out Cabin By The Sea in 2012, which comes to 5 albums and 1 EP amounting to approximately 66+ songs in 5 years with the addition of Swim Team!

The first single from Swim Team, “Vacation,” was released as a 2017 summer-time anthem and was followed by a music video that saw the group bringing in Dennis Haskins to loosely represie his role as Mr. Belding from the ’90’s hit TV-show Saved By The Bell. Haskins also made a guest appearance at Dirty heads & Sublime with Rome’s High & Mighty Festival in southern CA on Aug 5th where he came out and helped sing the song live!

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No word yet on the official meaning of the album or if there will be any guest appearances, but we do know that the group was working with Nick Hexum of 311 on a track. When we spoke with Nick Hexum earlier this summer, he told The Pier: “We had started a song over a year ago and it was just with vocalists Jared (Watson) and Duddy B. on the first session. The second session was at Rome Ramirez’s studio and he was involved as a producer and collaborator. I’m going to be guest vocalist on it, so that’s cool.”

The album will drop in time for their month-long fall tour that will span from October 24th to November 24th as they’ll be accompanied by The Unlikely Candidates and Tyrone’s Jacket. You can find relative dates and links below. Stay tuned for more information.

Dirty Heads – Swim Team Track-list:
High tea
Mad at It
Diamonds and pearls
Get Somewhere
So Glad You Made It
God Damn Liar
West Coast


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Article By: Mike Patti
Live Photo By: David Norris

Video: Dirty Heads – “Vacation”