The Dirty Heads’ “Spread Too Thin”

The Dirty Heads’ “Spread Too Thin”

For one of 2012’s Most Anticipated Albums, it finally became time for fans to hear a fully mastered album track from the Dirty Heads forthcoming album Cabin By The Sea. The album is set for release in mid June, but the first single from Cabin By The Sea was revealed on Friday, March 9th. The song title is “Spread Too Thin”, will be available on iTunes March 13th. The song brings back the signature Dirty Heads acoustic sound, and also features fellow 2012 Orange County Music Award Winner Micah Brown on backing vocals.

In an interview in November on the Dirty Heads’ most recent tour, Dustin Bushnell (“Duddy B”-Guitar and Vocals) and Matt Ochoa (“Matty O”-Drums) didn’t necessarily show the band’s cards when asked about potential collaborations for the upcoming studio album, “You know what, there are some collaborations. We will have a few coming everyone’s way, but I think we would all like it to remain a secret and keep it for a nice surprise when everyone listens to the completed album!“ Yet, after one song’s premiere and one guest appearance, there is sure to be plenty more in store from the Huntington Beach, California natives.

As far as how many songs to expect from Cabin By The Sea, Duddy and Matt had this to say: “We definitely don’t want to put out a ten or 11-song CD, because it has been so long since we have put new music out. So we want to do at least 14 songs, we are thinking. It’s been almost three of four years since we put out new music. I feel if we did anything less, our fans would say, ‘Really?’”

At the time of our most recent visit with the Dirty Heads in the winter, the album title was still to be determined and finalized. After Los Angeles’ alternative rock kingpin KROQ gave fans the first taste of DH’s new material, afternoon drive DJ, Stryker, also announced the album title on air. The Pier had a hint at the perspective title in November, but Duddy B wasn’t completely sure the name would stick. “We were leaning towards “Cabin By The Sea”, and trying to make a theme behind the album, but when we sat down and started writing material for the album it didn’t really go totally in that direction. But, there is a song called “Cabin By The Sea”, so that is a name that is still within the album.”

Now that fans have received a taste of what’s to come this summer, all they want is more. When “Lay Me Down” hit the airwaves in 2010, it was an early spring teaser for the summertime soundwaves to come on virtually every alternative rock radio station in the United States. “Spread Too Thin” was released in a similar style on Friday. Perhaps, the Dirty Heads’ latest work from Cabin By The Sea will once again become the soundtrack to accompany sunshine, 10ft. waves, beach balls and the sand!

Article By: Kris Siuta

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