The Ellameno Beat Prepare to Release Debut Album ‘Surface’

The Ellameno Beat Prepare to Release Debut Album ‘Surface’

The Ellameno Beat, a 5-piece out of Jensen Beach, FL, are set to drop their debut full-length, Surface. The 10-track album releases everywhere beginning August 11th, 2017. The group fully embraced the DIY approach for Surface, recording, producing, and releasing their debut album completely independently.

The Ellameno Beat is made up of frontman Reggie Froom (guitar/vocals), James Rosenblit (drums), Dylon Hixon (bass), Matt Diamond (trumpet/vocals), and Walker Brantingham (keys). The group jumped on the scene with their well-received EP Party Wave (2015). Earlier this summer, the group dropped “Muse,” the ethereal lead single of the upcoming album. In between (and often during) tours, the Florida-based reggae Surfacerockers find time to feed their affinity for surfing, taking the sport just as seriously as they take their music. The Ellameno Beat has ingrained that lifestyle directly into their music and ethos.

The band has decided to do something pretty special with the first month of proceeds from Surface; choosing to donate the money to the Mauli Ola Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic diseases. The organization aims to “[harness] the healing powers of the ocean” and to use “surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies.”

Surface was produced in Froom’s home studio, which gave the band complete control over the entire process. According to the group, the album “explores a deep introspection and existentialism.” The Ellameno Beat has matured quickly since their initial EP, taking their music to a higher level. Explaining the concept of the album, Froom says, “I like to think that it represents the surface of the ocean that is our massive repertoire of passionate content we are waiting to give to the world. It reinforces the notion that we are beginning this long journey with an honest commitment to see things through to the end.”

When The Pier met up with The Ellameno Beat after their show in Harlem, NY earlier this summer, Froom spoke excitedly about creating new music, collaborating with friends in the reggae rock scene, surfing up and down the East Coast, and fulfilling the band’s mission of making the world a better place.

Look out for the new tunes come August 11th and find some of The Ellameno Beat’s music below…

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Article By: Brian Winters

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