The Expanders 2014 Spring Tour!

The Expanders 2014 Spring Tour!

As Spring is in full effect, so are the Spring Tours that are bringing reggae music to people all around the nation. However, very rarely do two bands from the same region meet up clear across the country to do a string of shows in the middle of their own tours.

On April 24th, The Expanders’ 2014 Spring U.S. Tour continues as they head towards Louisiana to meet up with Slightly Stoopid, another Southern California band who is in the middle of a Spring Tour. These two very different, yet equally talented bands are coming together for 6 shows to give fans on the East side of the nation a true taste of authentic Los Angeles and San Diego reggae.

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As mentioned in a previous article, The Expanders’ goal is “to bring a rootsy old-school reggae sound to modern audiences.” Since Slightly Stoopid can easily be considered one of the pioneers of today’s modern reggae scene, The Expanders should have no problem attaining their goal for at least 6 nights.

While Slightly Stoopid is known as a heavily touring band, this is only The Expanders’ third major tour. Previously, The Expanders have toured with The Green, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad and The Simpkin Project. Having only covered the West and Midwest, the band is excited to spread their music to the South and Southeast regions of the U.S. According to The Expanders’ guitarist and vocalist, John Butcher, “Everything is new and exciting, and we get to hang with Slightly Stoopid! Personally I’m looking forward to New Orleans. It’s such a rich city culturally and musically. As a musician, traveling to New Orleans to play music is dream come true.”

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Naturally, both bands are looking towards the future and already have plans for this Summer. Slightly Stoopid just announced their Summer Sessions 2014 Tour featuring Stephen Marley performing on all dates along with some very special guests on select shows. Meanwhile, The Expanders have some exciting plans of their own for the summertime. John explains, “After this tour we will be mainly focusing on finishing up our 3rd album. It’s all original tunes and is in the mixing stages right now. We are doing everything we can to have it ready for a midsummer release and we also have another month-long tour being planned for the end of summer.”

After the run of shows with Slightly Stoopid, The Expanders continue onward to Florida, officially marking the furthest East the band has ever toured. After one last stop in Texas, the band will return to California and although it is not yet listed, I’m sure fans on the West coast will be able to catch the band playing a local show before they head North to play at the 5th annual California Roots Festival.

Although mixing is the band’s main priority, The Expanders told The Pier that they plan on releasing a single before the full album comes out. Make sure to stay tuned with The Pier as we continue to keep you updated with The Expanders, Slightly Stoopid, and all the latest news in the reggae community!


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Article By: David Garcia
Photo By: David Norris

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