The Expendables Release “Stay Now” ft. Eric Rachmany

The Expendables Release “Stay Now” ft. Eric Rachmany

This year marks the 20th anniversary of reggae surf-rockers The Expendables, and they are most definitely kicking off 2017 in style. If you haven’t heard their new single “Stay Now” featuring Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany -– you should probably stop whatever you are doing and take a few moments to allow the new track to grace your speakers with its presence.

Known for mastering their own unique craft of blended rock influences and distorted guitars with an overarching reggae feel, the Santa Cruz, CA mainstays pick up where they left off from their latest album, Sand in The Sky, in 2015. The album was an exploration for the band into softer, lighter territory; however, some tracks in the album did still pack the punch they’ve been delivering for so many years.
The Expendables
“Stay Now” is a solid middle-ground and contains a nice combination of both.

The track opens with a lightly plucked, assertive riff from lead guitarist Raul Bianchi, which is soon after accompanied by calming and soothing vocals from Geoff Weers carrying for the duration of the song. Ryan DeMars adds his deep baseline in the background as a foundation to coincide with rhythmic drumming from Adam Patterson. There is imagery within the song to co-exist with the sleek album cover for the single as well; the song paints a picture of a tropical sunrise that listeners can escape to and enjoy. Eric Rachmany provides an extra spark and enters in toward the latter portion of the track and brings it home with his added energy and solid vocals — nothing out of the ordinary from the lead vocalist and guitarist from Rebelution. The song fades out shortly after with another rendition of the chorus and more harmonizing vocals from Weers and Patterson.

In addition to the release of their latest single, The Expendables will be on the road for the next few months headlining their “Blackout 2017” Tour alongside supporting acts RDGLDGRN and Tribal Theory. No further information is available at this time in regards to additional new music from The Expendables, but fans should continue to monitor the situation closely in the event the band announces a release for more tracks. Soothing, catchy and vibe-tastic, “Stay Now” is their best track in quite some time and a powerful addition to their already impressive catalog. Let’s hope more new music is on the way!

You can purchase “Stay Now” on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: The Expendables – “Stay Now” featuring Eric Rachmany