The Hip Abduction Drops New EP: The Zen Sessions via Ineffable Records

The Hip Abduction Drops New EP: The Zen Sessions via Ineffable Records

The Hip Abduction has released new music that was not intended to be heard with their Zen Sessions EP. The 5 track EP dropped via Ineffable Records on March 18th, 2022. Following the release of their 2021 full length album ‘A Seafarer and the Infinite Dream’, this new drop was described to The Pier as an ambient, almost instrumental, EP.

The band’s frontman, David New, explains that: “The Zen Sessions EP was written with no intention of anyone ever hearing it. I just wanted to write vibey meditative tunes to relax to during a stressful time.”

The EP came to fruition during a nationwide quarantine, proving to be a new overall experience for the group. New explains: “Because of this, the songwriting process really opened up and took a direction of its own. We learned a lot and it was very therapeutic. We’re so glad we decided to release the songs, even though it’s a bit of a departure from THA’s other material.” While The Hip Abduction was able to tap into different parts of their creativity skill sets for this project, they don’t see it as them going in a new direction, but rather just a part of their overall journey.

Based out of St. Petersburg, FL, The Hip Abduction is a 5 piece outfit that includes David New (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Powers (bass), Justino Walker (guitar, ngoni & vocals), Cody Moore (keyboards, sax), and Matt Poynter (drums, vocals).

How do you describe The Hip Abduction? They sum it up as an independent alternative tropical pop outfit. Myself, personally? I just call it original wanderlust feel good music. The type of music you play shirtless on your way to go parasailing, sky-diving or falling in love during the summer.

Since 2011 the group has released 7 albums, two of which include live releases and have had featured guest appearances from the likes of Anthony B and Trevor Hall. You can stream The Hip Abduction’s latest EP: The Zen Sessions, as well as their entire catalog by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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