The Holdup Featured on FuseTV

The Holdup Featured on FuseTV

San Jose reggae-hip hop group, The Holdup, just announced that their “Summertime Baby” music video is due to make it’s debut on Cable TV this upcoming week. It’s not clear as to what day exact day the video will premier, but Clev Stiles of the group told The Pier it should debut Wednesday or Thursday of this week and it’ll also be displayed on FuseTV’s website as well.

So far it has received some positive attention from fans, and should give the group some new fans to look forward to. There are no current tour dates scheduled for The Holdup, but check the Show Locator to see when they are coming to a venue near you.

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Article by: Jason Gallagher
Photo by: Sergio Gonzalez

Here’s The Holdup “Summertime Baby” Official Video