The Holdup Returns with ‘Leaves In The Pool’

The Holdup Returns with ‘Leaves In The Pool’

On December 1st, The Holdup will return with their sixth studio album, Leaves In The Pool. The album marks their first release since the 2013 release of Fools Gold Vol. 1. The new album will include 16 total tracks to be released via Rootfire Cooperative

Since 2009, The Holdup was seemingly releasing new albums every year with 2009’s Stay Gold, 2010’s Confidence, 2011’s Still Gold, 2012’s Consequence and lastly, 2013’s Fools Gold Vol.1. Mixing Hip Hop & Pop with an accent of reggae, The Holdup appears to be back after a 3 year hiatus and some changes to the line-up, while boasting the release of Leaves In The Pool.

The new album was written and produced by Mike Garmany with the help of long-time friend, roommate, and new Holdup guitarist Grant Averill. As the press release reads, Leaves in the Pool reflects a transitional point in the life of The Holdup. The title itself symbolizes the end of one season and the transition into the next. With a new season, a new home, and some new touring bandmates, Leaves in the Pool is set to show a revitalized side of The Holdup.

While the group was known for releasing full-length records their first five years of existence, the group was not known much for their ability to tour. All of that appears to be changing as the group will hit the road with The Movement in support of this release with plans to stay on the road in the future.

You can view the dates below before you pick up a copy of their new album via Rootfire by clicking HERE!

The Holdup – Leaves In The Pool Track List:
theholdup_cover1.) Neighborhood
2.) Dumb Luck
3.) Way Too High
4.) Imperfections
5.) Spoken For
6.) Right Away
7.) Blink of an Eye
8.) Hotline Interlude
9.) This Ain’t Love
10.) Wait for Me
11.) Nothin’s on Fire
12.) The Truth
13.) Leaves In The Pool
14.) Almost Famous
15.) Come for You
16.) 10 Karats

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Article By: Mike Patti

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