The Japan Sampler Release Date

The Japan Sampler Release Date

Last week we unveiled that JAPAN would be the location for our next FREE Regional Sampler. Working together with Japan Labels, Surfrock International and One Big Family Records, we’re excited to finally announce the release date & time frame for the next Regional sampler…

Our last 2 Regional Samplers included the Pacific Northwest & the Pacific Islands. At the time of those releases, there wasn’t much chatter or awareness being put on those regions and the groups they encompass. Not just on ThePier, but in the reggae rock community & music industry as a whole.

Over the last few years, Reggae-Rock music has been popping up everywhere as groups continue to take their music on the road with national tours to fulfill the demand of this progressive sound. New upcoming bands are being tapped to open up for the bigger name groups at shows in their own respective cities.

But out in Japan, none of those Reggae-Rock groups have had such opportunities, but it’s not because the music lacks quality or likability. It’s not easy to facilitate an international tour and without touring, you really limit your ability to create awareness on your music. So The Pier decided to tap into Japan and bridge the gap internationally to help create some awareness for some rad, original Reggae-Rock music that’s being played & produced out on their side of the pacific.

Thanks to Surf Rock International & One Big Family Records, a lot of our favorite bands here in the states, have had the opportunity to tour through Japan as well as being featured on Compilations released to the Reggae Rock fans of Japan.

So The Pier is excited to introduce to you followers of The Pier, the reggae rock bands & music from Japan. These are groups that have played with all of our favorite familiar groups and now for the first time, their music will be available for FREE in our next Regional Sampler.

As a result, the Japan Sampler release date & time frame will be available for 3 months, Exclusive on our site, starting….

May 22nd – July 17th 2012

Come back next Thursday May 3rd as we announce the complete line up of groups! We couldn’t be more excited to share some fresh new bands & fresh new music from a region that hasnt received the spotlight it deserves!

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