The Journey to Joe Samba’s Sophomore Record, Far From Forever

The Journey to Joe Samba’s Sophomore Record, Far From Forever

In February of 2018 Joe Samba first popped up on our radar when we saw him on Instagram covering Sublime’s “Doin Time.” We started following him, sharing his misc covers until April 20th, 2019 when he released his debut album, The Wrong Impression. 3 years later & he his releasing his sophomore album with Law Records.

From his debut album is a song called “How We Do” that was accompanied by a fun & captivating music video. When that video first came out February of 2019, we sent it to the production duo of Left Coast Sound which consists of producers David Foral (of Dirty Heads) and Jungle Josh who would then go on to produce 2 new Joe Samba songs: “Got It All” and “War of Love.”

David tells The Pier: “A few years back I was shown a video of Joe’s on Youtube. I was impressed by his soulful voice and how he can take command of a song. He comes up with some great melodies so I was excited to work with him when the opportunity arose. We sent Joe a few demo instrumentals to kick around and when he sent back the ‘Got It All’ vocals we knew we had something special. From the concept to the catchy melody and harmonies — Joe killed that song.”

“Got It All” was officially released on August 13th, 2021 as 1 of 4 songs on his Crazy Little Village EP. “Got it all was a song that Dave had the initial idea for,” Jungle Josh tells The Pier. “He kicked it over to me for drums so I put together the original drum track that later got replayed live in the studio. I also added some additional horn parts, organ bubbles, and various other reggae nonsense. I was really pleased with how the song came out. Great tune.”
Joe Samba
When we first discovered Joe, he was living in the very hardworking blue collar town of Salem, New Hampshire. Working independently, he was writing & producing music & music videos out of Revelry Studios where he had his own private make-shift room in the back. During the early mornings & afternoons he was doing neighborhood landscaping work to supplement his bills. Joe is every bit the definition of a hardworking musician with raw and organic talent. He caught the attention of Paul Milbury at Law Records who later signed him & featured him on the House That Bradley Built Sublime cover album with his rendition of “5446/Ball & Chain”.

Joe moved from Salen, NH to the Florida Keys where he had a weekly residency at the local bars & would play in-between regional tours while writing and producing music for his sophomore record. He has since moved from Florida to Charleston, SC where he has started a family.

All of this has culminated to the drop of his new sophomore album, Far From Ever. It includes 13 tracks and is set to drop on June 17th, 2022 via Law Records. The first single that came out April 1st was “Losing It” featuring Jackson Whetherbee of The Elovaters.

Listen: Joe Samba – “War of Love”

The latest single from the record is the Left Coast Sound produced track “War of Love” that was first demo’d back in 2019, along with “Got It All.” “‘War Of Love’ is about all the back and forth, the ups and downs, and the near-miss love opportunities we encounter in life,” says Joe. “It seems fitting to relate the trials of love to war with its occasional victories and sometimes tragic defeats. And it felt right to make it a very pop-driven tune because it is a topic everyone can relate to.”

“Joe is a talented writer and singer,” Josh continues. “One of the best emerging artists in the scene by far. I really liked his ability to write catchy lyrics and melodies as well as his ability to harmonize. He’s really a natural talent and a nice guy on top of it. It was great working with him and I’m excited for the music to finally come out.”

You can pre-save & secure your copy of Joe’s new album Far From Forever both digitally & physically as the album will also be available on Vinyl. You can secure yours by clicking HERE!

Joe Samba – Far From Forever Tracklisting
Rebelution Live 1.) Feeling of Love
2.) Beef
3.) Got It All
4.) Focus
5.) Making Waves
6.) Love Votive
7.) Create Something
8.) War of Love
9.) Healthy Dose
10.) Boomer Economy
11.) Losing It (feat. The Elovaters)
12.) Future
13.) Far from Forever

Listen: Joe Samba – “Got It All”

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Joe Samba – “How We Do”