The Kaleidoscope Kid Covers Sublime “Ball and Chain”

The Kaleidoscope Kid Covers Sublime “Ball and Chain”

The Kaleidoscope Kid Announces New Album & Drops Video

Phoenix singer/songwriter The Kaleidoscope Kid is back with a cover of Sublime’s “Ball and Chain”, which was recorded at Skratch n Sniff’s studio. It was even posted on Sublime’s Instagram as part of their Sublime Cover Series where they said “SUBLIME COVERS SERIES ? @thekaleidoscopekid performing a wicked cover of 5446 That’s My Number/Ball And Chain on SKRATCH N SNIFF radio remix show with DJ @mikeczech and Malcolm.”

After asking The Kaleidoscope Kid what made him want to cover this classic track, he said “It was a few years ago when I learned to play Ball and Chain, I had just gone through a breakup and was finally on the other side of the heartbreak I was feeling. The second half of the song just really connected with me when Bradley says “I was always taught that boy meets girl, fall in love get married and forget the world” Everybody does Santeria or Bad Fish, but I loved the dynamic of the song and how it switches up half way through, and it eventually became one of my favorite songs to cover.”

The Kaleidoscope Kid has begun to make his name in the music scene, with the release of his debut self-titled album in April via Suburban Noize Records, with hit singles “Hold Up“, “Watermelon Kisses“, and “Fight or Flight“.

Watch the full cover below:

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Article by Kailee Maguire