The Kaleidoscope Kid Interview at the Suburban Noize Records Studio

The Kaleidoscope Kid Interview at the Suburban Noize Records Studio

Joshua Murphy, better known as The Kaleidoscope Kid, sat down with The Pier at the Suburban Noize Studios, where we got to know the whole story behind one of the most talked about new artists on the block. Through battling an autoimmune disease that almost cost him his life, The Kaleidoscope Kid and his dog Blue embarked on a psychedelic journey to find health and make music in the woods of Sedona, Arizona.

The Kaleidoscope Kid

When diagnosed at 21, he was unable to eat, drink, talk, or sing, and doctors prescribed him a medication that is often used in chemotherapy. The Kaleidoscope Kid refused, and turned to holistic medicine, using a combination of wild mushrooms, berries, Sedona spring water, and psychedelics to bring himself back to health. Throughout this process of healing, The Kaleidoscope Kid found himself through music — ultimately deciding that he would dedicate his life to creating it.

Although a newcomer to the music scene, The Kaleidoscope Kid’s discography presents a wisdom and cadence that many veteran musicians struggle to create. For him, it’s merely natural to produce. His latest single, “Watermelon Kisses” is an ode to being young and in love, sharing firsts with a budding new romance — groovy and upbeat with some breezy acoustic guitar overtop.

The Kaleidoscope Kid’s album is set to release on April 22nd on indie powerhouse label Suburban Noize Records, and was all self written, recorded, and produced with mixing and mastering by Matthew Campbell at Vaul Studios in Scottsdale, AZ.

Watch: The Kaleidoscope Kid Interview at the Suburban Noize Records Studio

“The songs were all recorded in a cabin in the woods where I was living at the time,” says Joshua. “It seemed more as though the location chose me. And with the solitude and freedom offered by the surrounding forest, the songs of the birds and the creek, it was the perfect place to get lost in a world of my own creations.”

You can Pre-Save/Pre-Order the album by clicking HERE! Stay tuned for more details on The Kaleidoscope Kid as he takes the airwaves by storm.

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Article By: Roxanne Chevalier

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