The Movement is Coming Out West

The Movement is Coming Out West

From The Movement MySpace:

What’s good my fellow freaks, just dropping in to say hello to everyone. I’m just chilling on my couch, lifted, watching CSI NY enjoying these next couple days we have off.

What a roller coaster of an f’n month. We have been touring nonstop and the shows have been sick. We are dropping a new track “Care” on The Pier sampler sometime very soon, so be on the lookout for that. Gary just got his new custom drum kit and it looks like a candy painted cadillac! We are finally planning our long awaited trip/tour out west and it looks like we will be hitting the west coast sometime is September. We have gotten nothing but love from everybody out there so thank you all so much for that.

And last but not least, Michael is dead. He made Thriller y’all, Thriller. Anyway, I’m spending the rest of my day looking at the man in the mirror so if any of you pretty young things, including you dirty Diana, wanna be starting something, just beat it.

Peace and thanks again for all the love,