The Pier: “Behind The Beat” Articles

The Pier: “Behind The Beat” Articles

The Pier has introduced a new Article to the site titled, Behind The Beat, where we take a special look at an artist’s background in music a long w/the instruments they play. Our Behind The Beat articles even dive into the heart of the band as a unit, to give you the fans, a different perspective on the music…

Thus far, we have released 4 Behind The Beat articles with our latest one being on Jon Olazabal, percussionist for the Dirty Heads. This was released right as Dirty Heads released their latest album Cabin By The Sea back in June. We first kicked off the series article on Todd Elrod, drummer of Mike Pinto Band, when our very own Kris Siuta came up with the theme. We later released the article in May, touching on everything Todd uses in his kit, to his history as a drummer over the last 10 years.

In other Behind The Beat features, we also covered Passafire and why they have a growing reputation for being the perfect Fans Band and during their US Tour, NZ based The Black Seeds was also featured, just after the release of their latest album Dust & Dirt.

Click each of the banners below to read each of our Behind The Beat articles. You can find all of our Topic Articles by placing your mouse over the Editorials Tab on the menu bar and selecting Topic Articles from the drop down. If you have an idea or a request for an artist or band we should feature in our Behind The Beat series, send us an email to: Enjoy the articles & share with your friends…

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