The Pier: Cas Haley to Debut Video Series!

The Pier: Cas Haley to Debut Video Series!

The Pier is proud to announce that we’ll now be releasing Live Acoustic Music Videos! Titled “The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series”, we’re honored to kick off the series, Nov 20th 2012, with Easy Star Records recording artist, Cas Haley. Read more on the feature as Cas Haley chooses to Debut his brand new song “Crazy Good Woman”

The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series: From Conception to Creation
The vision of the Pier’s “Live Acoustic Series” is to provide Reggae-Rock fans with an intimate, stripped down acoustic experience featuring the genre’s most recognizable bands, along with some new faces. The concept is simple. First, get the genre’s best talent to play an acoustic version of a new or unreleased song. Second, create a production concept that is visually appealing and recognizable. Third, film the band’s performing the songs.

While the concept is simple, the execution is much more difficult. The Series required the coming together of a video director, crew, sound, venue, equipment, The Pier’s network, and, the bands—all with a common vision. Ultimately, this concept aims to produce quality music videos that are unmatched by any other outlet dedicated to covering Reggae-Rock.

The Debut: Cas Haley
The Pier is proud to feature Easy Star Record’s recording artist Cas Haley as the Series’ debut musician. The Pier specifically targeted Haley as the debut artist because of his natural fit for the Series’ overall vision—namely, a musician known for delivering solid acoustic sets. In addition to Haley’s natural fit, he is also working on his second full-length album—meaning there were several new songs to debut for the Series.

The Pier’s “Live Acoustic Series” Credits
Director/Producer/Editor/Videographer: Tage Plantell
Assistant Producer: Kit Chalberg
Sound Engineer: Kyle Zender

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Remember to Come Back Tuesday, November 20th for the Video Premiere!