The Pier: Live Acoustic Series Update

The Pier: Live Acoustic Series Update

Back in 2012, The Pier linked up with Premiere Director, Tage Plantell and a long with Pier Photo-Journalist & Associate Producer, Kit Chalberg, we have started a series of Live Acoustic Videos that features bands playing stripped down versions of their songs. We’re excited to announce the list of bands we have filmed for 2014!

On November 12, 2012 we premiered our very first video with Cas Haley doing his first ever performance of the song “Crazy Good Woman”. Since then, The Pier has had an opportunity to film & premiere videos of The Dirty Heads, The Green, Dusty Radio & Iration as of this last February, 2014.
While we were premiering & promoting the Iration video this past February, behind the scenes, we had our busiest month, filming 4 bands inside two weeks. In the month of February, we filmed Passafire, Ballyhoo!, Tarrus Riley & Aer. Tarrus Riley somewhat combined 2 songs, while Passafire & Ballyhoo! were cool enough to do a collaboration cover song together, while also performing each of their own songs. In addition, this last weekend, we’re proud to say that we have now added Zach Deputy to the series with his latest contribution to the collection!

The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series production team is based out of Denver, CO & we coordinate with groups while they’re on tour. Location & timing are the two major hurdles we have when trying to finalize a production. These videos don’t take place at a central location. We have filmed the aforementioned artists at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Hermans Hideaway, Jackson’s and The Oriental, all located in Denver, as well as a couple videos at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO.

Ideally, we always push for artists to play something new & unreleased or something they haven’t yet performed acoustic or stripped down, yet. More recently, our friends at Cheba Hut have been gracious to join our efforts in providing catered food for the last few productions.

On Tuesday May 13th, we will premiere our next video, while working to schedule out the rest of the videos we have filmed, in addition to filming more artists. If all of the bands agree, we may just take things 1 step further in providing a unique product in the way of a DVD/CD Compilation as we have a ton of great outtakes & special features to include. Not sure if we’ll have the opportunity to do it, but if you fans demand it, I don’t see how they can say no!

Be sure to subscribe to us on Youtube so you’re notified the second we add another video to the collection. Check all the videos below & let us know in the comments who you’d like to see us add to the series!

If you’re a band that would like to be filmed or if you’re looking for a director for your next music video or live show, you can contact Tage Plantell directly by clicking HERE! He’s a talented musician who’s also perfected his craft with directing, cinematography & editing. The proof is in the finished product – check all of the videos below.

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Article & Photos by: Mike Patti

Watch: The Green – “Good One”

Watch: Dirty Heads – “Cabin By The Sea”

Watch: Cas Haley – “Crazy Good Woman” (Acoustic)

Watch: Iration – “One Way Track” (Acoustic)