The Pier: New Regional Sampler

The Pier: New Regional Sampler

Since starting The Pier, we’ve always enjoyed releasing FREE Samplers with new music from some of your favorite bands. Other times we try to release samplers in an effort to expose you to new artists you may not have heard of. There’s so many up and coming artists from all over the world that we do our best in covering each and every actively producing, touring group.

This Spring, The Pier is proud to announce that we will be releasing a Regional……


This sampler will be FREE and available for FREE Digital Download inside The Pier Store

  • We do not have a release date set, but we do have some amazing groups confirmed for this sampler. We will be releasing the full line up once all of the groups are confirmed. Thus far, we are proud to announce we do have some groups confirmed from both Hawaii & New Zealand!

  • We are working closely with our good friends at Polynesian Underground to put together the best line up of groups from the Pacific Islands. If you didn’t know, Polynesian Underground is responsible for bringing a lot of the groups over from the Islands and setting them up with good quality shows. They create a lot of opportunity for a lot of amazing artists out of the Islands, some of which we may not have heard of, had it not been for them. So working together with Polynesian Underground is something we’re very excited about!

    Stay tuned as we’ll soon be releasing the art & official line up for the 2011 Pacific Island Sampler. If there’s a group you’d like to see featured on this sampler that is from the Pacific Islands, drop us a comment below. In the meantime, go spread the word that The Pier is releasing another FREE Sampler. This time, the region is the Pacific Islands!