The Pier: Upcoming Interviews

The Pier: Upcoming Interviews

We’ve had a busy start to 2014 having already interviewed Dirty Heads regarding their upcoming album release. In addition, we’ve interviewed Ziggy Marley & a 3-Part Interview with Skunk Records, talking to Marshall Goodman (aka RAS MG), Opie Ortiz and the founder of Skunk Records, Miguel Happoldt. See what you can expect from each upcoming interview!

Exclusive Interview – Marshall RAS MG Goodman – Pt.1 Coming Tuesday, March 25:
Marshall Goodman, also known as RAS MG, spent about an hour and a half on the phone, dishing about his days with Sublime & Long Beach Dub Allstars. Because of how long this conversation was with Marshall over the phone, we decided to break the interview up into two parts. Part 1 of 2 will be published on Tuesday March 25th and Part 2 of 2 will be published on Tuesday April 8th. Many of you will be surprised to learn that Marshall Goodman, was in fact, The Drummer of Sublime during the making of the 40oz to Freedom album and was not a fill-in drummer for Bud Gaugh during that time, as many have previously reported. Marshall doesn’t hold back sharing his thoughts & perspective on the time period, while also giving up details to the making of the 40oz to Freedom album as well as drumming on “What I Got”.


Exclusive Interview – Opie Ortiz – Pt.1 Coming Tuesday, April 15:
If you’re not familiar with the name Opie Ortiz, it’s because you may better recognize him through his artwork, such as Sublime’s 40oz to Freedom album and his face on Sublime’s Robbin The Hood cover art. He provided the bulk of the visuals you see and associate with the name Sublime & Long Beach Dub Allstars. He’s a tattoo artist and vocalist who was in Long Beach Dub Allstars providing vocals on songs such as “My Own Life”, “Kickdown”, “Rolled Up”, “Lonely End” and more. Our hour conversation with Opie goes back to the early days of hanging out with Sublime, the story behind the infamous Sublime Sun & the rise & fall of Long Beach Dub Allstars. This interview will also be broken up into 2 parts with Part 1 being published on Tuesday, April 15th and Part 2 being published on April 29th. Stay tuned as Opie tells us what us fans can expect when he performs with Skunk’s 25th Anniversary show at California Roots festival this May!

Exclusive Interview – Miguel Happoldt – Pt.1 Coming Tuesday, May 6:
Michael ‘Miguel’ Happoldt, next to Marshall Goodman, is one of the unsung heroes of the Sublime sound & movement. A lot of people have familiarized themselves with Sublime being a 3 piece, consisting of just Brad Nowell, Eric Wilson & Bud Gaugh, but Miguel Happoldt is a key ingredient to the genius & success Sublime had. He produced all of the Sublime albums, as well as Long Beach Dub Allstars, Slightly Stoopid, Unwritten Law & has a lot to talk about between the past and the future with his new kick-ass band, Perro Bravo. We spoke for 2 hours over the phone and this interview will also be split into 2 parts with Part 1 of the interview being published on Tuesday May 6th and Part 2 to be published on Tuesday, May 20th leading up to the big Skunk Records performance at California Roots Music & Arts Festival. Miguel was as much of a member to Sublime as Brad Nowell was and we can’t wait to share this interview with one of the pioneer’s to the southern CA reggae sound!

Exclusive Interview – Ziggy Marley – Coming Tuesday, April 1:
We may be Publishing this interview on April Fools Day, but we promise this is no joke as we got to speak for about 20minutes over the phone with the latest Grammy Award Winning Artist. Ziggy Marley has a new album, Fly Rasta coming out on Tuesday April 18th & Ziggy shares details of the new release. In addition, Ziggy Marley will also be playing California Roots Music & Arts Festival this May as we get his take on the festival and the new wave of Reggae artists! Stay tuned for this interview with a reggae legend!

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