The Pier Vape Contest Winners!

The Pier Vape Contest Winners!

As promised, we would announce the winners to The Pier Vaporizer Contest taking place inside our very own Pier Community Forum. 3 Winners have been selected to receive a FREE Limited Edition Pacific Island Sampler Vaporizer, NEW Pier T-shirt, CDs & Stickers. The Pier Vapes come courtesy of great friends over at Silver Surfer Vaporizers.

We have picked 3 lucky winners who will take home a Limited Edition Pier Vaporizer & Pier T-shirt.
Congratulations to: S.KUN.XX, TribalJoe, Danie77e inside our Pier Forum for submitting your review of the Pacific Island Sampler. You can read all of the Reviews submitted for the contest that took place inside our Pier Community Forum by clicking HERE

As you know we currently have a Pacific Island Sampler that features 29 songs from 17 different artists, located out of the Pacific Island region of the world. The Pier teamed up with Silver Surfer Vaporizer’s to give a way 3 Limited Edition Pier Vaporizers with the Pacific Island Sampler Cover-Art on the Vape itself.

We figure the best way to give these Vapes away would be to have Fans submit their review & reflection of the Pacific Island Sampler. So we decided to have the contest take place inside our Pier Community Forum where fans were required to create a log-in and submit their review.

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