The Return of RX Bandits

The Return of RX Bandits

One of the greatest moments in following the ska/punk scene of the 1990s was witnessing the transformation of the Rx Bandits. They began close to the genre of third wave ska, but experimentation took control and the fast paced skanking turned into a medley of positive musical energy coupled with intelligent and thought provoking lyrics.

On July 22nd, RX Bandits will drop their third release under the band’s own Mash Down Babylon Records and Sargent House with new album, Gemini, Her Majesty. The album was recorded at Praire Sun Recording Studios in Sonoma, California and produced by Jason Cupp. rxbandits-gemini__hermajesty“In the past, our aim was to bridge the gap between our recorded music and our live performances,” explained vocalist/guitarist Matt Embree. “But this time around we really didn’t ever consider that. We almost willingly ignored it. It was really nice to make a record that we didn’t apply live performance constraints to. That said, now we’re going to have the hefty task of figuring out how we want to arrange and play these new songs live. We love the challenge.”

The creation of Gemini was possible due to a fundraising campaign via PledgeMusic, which successfully pulled in 170% of the band’s initial goal. This will be the band’s first release in 5 years, since 2009’s Mandala & the Orange County, CA group will celebrate 20 years as a band next year.

After their first major releases came from Drive-Thru Records, notorious for their pop-punk and emo acts, RXB took an independent road and started Mash Down Babylon Records. The band has also teamed up with Sargent House, a Los Angeles based record and management company responsible for Refused TV, and released …And The Battle Begun, a bold sound, far different from the 1999 release of Halfway Between Here and There and 2001’s Progress. The album was a leap into a progressive movement the band had been moving towards in their live performances and could be heard a little more distinctly on The Resignation in 2003. Their following has remained loyal through the fascinating transition.

The Rx Bandits are preparing for their nationwide tour that kicks off at State Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 11. Embree will be accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Steve Choi, who somehow gives attention to his guitar and keyboard simultaneously. Joseph Troy will be rocking his bass around with his hair following rhythmically behind. Percussionist pirate Chris Tsagakis will keep them tightly in time.

The Rx Bandits will travel with The Deer Hunter and From Indian Lakes as they hit nearly every major city in the country. Bring a friend who has never heard of them to a high-energy night of great music from a band with the greatest fans in the world.

You can Pre Order Gemini, Her Majesty by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Blake Taylor

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