The Return of Save Ferris & Their ‘Checkered Past’ EP

The Return of Save Ferris & Their ‘Checkered Past’ EP

Monique Powell has been relentlessly working to revive her ska-pop reggae group Save Ferris over the past couple of years since returning from a hiatus that lasted for more than a decade. After two years of lawsuits and undergoing a spinal surgery, it’s safe to say that her vocals sound as good as ever and she is eager to release the band’s forthcoming EP Checkered Past -– their first release since 1999.

If the rest of Checkered Past sounds remotely similar to their new single “New Sound” then fans and listeners are in for quite a treat. It’s been more than a decade since we’ve had new music from Save Ferris to compare and contrast with, but “New Sound” stays true to its title and reveals itself as a reggae-driven track while incorporating the classic horns and ska features that have made Save Ferris appealing for such a long time.

It Means Everything vaulted Save Ferris into the ska-revival scene back in 1997, and there was still existing pressure at hand to follow 1999’s Modified, even though it’s been 18 years since its release. But vocalist Monique Powell isn’t worried as much about following their previous releases -– rather more focused on creating an album that reflects her experiences today. In an exclusive interview with Paste Magazine, vocalist Monique Powell offered a glimpse into the process for creating the forthcoming release:

“Coming back after all these years, I really didn’t know what everyone wanted,” says Powell. “I knew I loved that first album so much. That was probably the greatest time of my entire life, recording that album. I loved the simple production of it. But I’m not 19 anymore. I had to make my experiences as an adult part of the process of writing as well.”

Checkered Past will be released on February 10 via WITHYN Records. Pick-up Checkered Past on iTunes now by clicking HERE!

Save Ferris – Checkered Past Tracklist:
SF_FrontCover_300x3001.) Anything
2.) New Sound
3.) Golden Silence
4.) Do I Even Like You?
5.) Goodbye Brother

Save Ferris On Tour:

Save Ferris will be touring consistently over the next couple of months headlining their “New Sound Tour” alongside supporting acts Vista Kicks and Baby Baby. Fans can anticipate to hear the five tracks from their forthcoming release as well as classic tracks for all to enjoy!

Save Ferris Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: Save Ferris – “New Sound”