“The Roots of Rootz” Youtube Series

“The Roots of Rootz” Youtube Series

2014 is lining up to be a big year for Kingston, Jamaica’s Rootz Underground! Announced to start in January, fans will be able to learn more about the early years of the group, as RISE UP presents “The Roots of Rootz,” a Youtube video series, featuring the untold stories of the rise of Rootz Underground. Aurora_RU_15x15-2

“The Roots of Rootz” The Untold Stories of the Rize of Rootz Underground will be a Youtube video series of short clips about the band in it’s early years in Jamaica circa 2004. Launching the first week of January the series will include Weekly video post releases the band’s social media sites. Each weekly clip will feature early footage of Rootz Underground frontman Stephen “Stevie Lightning” Newland with no dreadlocks, early rehearsal footage, never before seen footage of the band interacting in their homeland of Jamaica, as well as the a story about the inception of the band’s key hit “In The Jungle”.

The recently compiled footage for this video series was recorded by filmmaker Luciano Blotta’s first feature documentary, RiseUp. Shot over several years on the island of Jamaica, the RiseUp Movie was able to capture the story of three aspiring musicians (Turbulence, Kemoy, and Ice Anastasia) who seek to “rise up” from obscurity for their shot at success. This documentary is unlike any documentary about Jamaica as it takes the viewer off the beaten path, far from any tourist attractions and sandy beaches yet still able to capture the beauty and magic that the Irie has to offer. Details on the original movie can be seen here.

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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