The Savi Fernandez Band Debut Release!

The Savi Fernandez Band Debut Release!

The Savi Fernandez Band, has been a staple of the Floridian reggae scene since 2003. Constantly touring the region, the trio has crafted their sound by performing all over Florida, Barbados, and the Virgin Islands. After all these years, Savi Fernandez and his band have announced, that their first studio album, titled Sweet Butterfly, will finally be released to the masses, June 25th.

When asked about the upcoming release the group told us, “It has been a very long time coming. Seven years, Savi Fernandez Band has been around, but we actually worked real hard in January, and recorded the project in four days, for 12 hours a day.”

The album was recorded at Orlando’s Sound Lounge Studio, produced by Savi Fernandez, and engineered by Mike Stebe. Although they recorded the project in just four days, Savi wanted to assure fans that “they didn’t feel pressured or worried at all. It was a good recording environment and good vibes all around!”

The upcoming release will include seven tracks. The title track, “Sweet Butterfly,” as explained by the group has a “Latin reggae feel with English and Spanish lyrics for that international love… I personally enjoy the song “You Are” because of its dynamics and fusion of reggae and jam rock. This song is just a taste of the versatility we love.”

Fans can check out the first two singles, “You Are” and “Piecing Together,” below!

Savi Fernandez describes the sound of Sweet Butterfly as “roots reggae fused with a touch of funk, rock, and jam… The overall theme we wanted to portray is a positive movement to open people’s minds and hearts!”

The band will premier Sweet Butterfly at their CD release party on June 23rd, before heading out on a CD release tour of Florida and the Virgin Islands in July. East coast fans will be able to check out the Savi Fernandez Band, and their new tunes, in August, when the band works north to the Camp Barefoot Festival in Bartow, West Virginia.

Track List:
1.) Truth
2.) Can This Be True
3.) Why Do We
4.) You Are
5.) Piecing Together
6.) Sweet Butterfly
7.) My Baby

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

“You Are”

“Piecing Together”