The Seed – “Sunshine Goodies”

The Seed – “Sunshine Goodies”

On Sept. 5th 2011, The Seed will be releasing a new single titled Sunshine Goodies. The single will be available on iTunes and everywhere music is sold. This will be a taste of what to expect from new material the group is looking to release next year.

“We wanted to record an upbeat, acoustic, sunny tune this summer to give our fans a taste of the direction we are heading. I feel like every guy should have a tune like this for their girl. says The Seed’s front man, Lance Sitton. “If you dig your chick, you gotta let them know your there to stay.”
You can hear a preview of the song before its released on The Seed’s bandcamp page by clicking HERE.

This will be released on The Seed’s own label, Beard & Pen. It’s also said that The Seed is working on an acoustic EP with 5 news tracks. Will have it out soon! The Seed released their first album Big Outside, back in 2009 and you can download this album for FREE inside our MP3 Massive section by clicking HERE. In 2010 they released the single Hippie Girl, followed by A Better Way, their latest full length released this past May. You can read The Pier’s official Album Review for A Better Way by clicking HERE

Follow all of the latest happenings of The Seed by going to their website:

Here is Lance Sitton playing Hippie Girl acoustic…