The Steppas Debut Album Release

The Steppas Debut Album Release

Emerging from the island of Hawaii is a group of 5 musicians known as The Steppas. Although you may not have heard of them, the band is ready to make some serious noise!

Their debut album, “To You From We,” is due out on March 18th, 2014. Shortly after, The Steppas will embark on the Spring Rising Tour as direct support for Through The Roots and New Kingston.
The band’s first full-length will be released as a follow up to 2012’s The Steppas EP and 2013’s The Love Shack EP. Pre-production for the album began back in March of 2013, shortly after The Love Shack EP was released. However, it wasn’t until June that the band got deep into the 13 tracks.

Famous Hawaiian producer and musician, Leslie ‘Bimwala’ Ludiazo, was flown in for help with recording at the band’s in-house studio known as “2second Street.” Having worked with other island artists such as The Green, Kimie and J-boog, the band knew Leslie was the perfect fit to get the sound they were looking for.

To You From We consists of 11 brand new tracks, as well as 2 songs that have been carried over from their previous EP. Although there are no guest appearances on the album, front man and lead singer, Rick Star, insists that the band has some outside projects in which they are collaborating with both Hawaiian and mainland artists.

The first proof of that statement would be the upcoming Spring Rising Tour with mainland artists, Through The Roots and New Kingston. The tour consists of 22 shows traveling through 8 different states on the west side of the United States. Following the end of the tour, The Steppas will have a brief break before they play at the 5th annual California Roots Music and Arts festival!

Pre-ordering for “To You From We” began on March 4th. However, don’t forget to pick up The Steppas’ debut full-length album when it officially drops on Tuesday, March 18th! You can pick up the new album on iTunes by clicking HERE!

The Steppas – “To You From We” tracklist
TheSteppas---To-You-From-We-album-art1.No Matter What They Say
2. Love Tune
3. Love Won’t Last
4. Empress Love
5. Da Band
6. Lost at Sea
7. Off Tomorrow
8. If We Try
9. Callin’
10. Loving Feeling
11.To You From We
12. Note To Babylon
13. Meditation

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Article By: David Garcia

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