The Supervillains Release New Album ‘Nice Things’

The Supervillains Release New Album ‘Nice Things’

11 years have come and gone since the debut album from Orlando, Florida’s The Supervillains. Always embracing their “swamp rock” party mentality, the band has long since become a favorite across the reggae-rock community. With plenty of hype and anticipation, the versatile ska-rock-reggae quartet have returned with their latest studio album Nice Things, which dropped on August 4 via LAW Records featuring 10 tracks.

The new album from the Floridian four-piece will be released by LAW Records, as the group returns back to the label after releasing recent records under their own Rah Rah Rah Records. Nice Things also marks their first full-length album in four years as the follow-up to their most recent record Volume 8 – the album had a few highlight moments baked in, including a cover of The Pixies with their own rendition of “Where Is My Mind.” Volume 8 also had noticeably more collaborations and guest features than we’ve been accustomed to seeing including the likes of Leilani Wolfgramm, Charlie Bender, Jeff Ritchie, Smally and several others. Their latest effort will not follow suit, as the new record features no collaborations.

The new album offers plenty for fans of The Supervillains and new listeners alike. Drummer and vocalist Dom Maresco caught up with The Pier last year leading up to the early stages of development and production of the album – the band had originally targeted the beginning of 2017 as the release date upon the release of their first single from the album entitled “Political Porn.”

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However, Nice Things come to those who wait and The Supervillains were able to drop a few additional tracks leading up to the release last week as well, including their own rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole,” and the latest single and lead-off track “I Will Destroy You” which can be heard below. The album offers a steady mix of up-tempo, punch-you-in-the-face moments, while other tracks utilize the classic reggae-rock, horns-driven sound The Supervillains have been delivering to your speakers for so many years.

Grab your copy of Nice Things on iTunes today by clicking HERE!

The Supervillains – Nice Things Track-list:
SPV-Album-Cover1.) I Will Destroy You
2.) Nice Things
3.) It’s Been So Long
4.) Bermuda High
5.) The Sweat
6.) Helping Hands
7.) Tcob
8.) Off the Grid
9.) Political Porn
10.) Head Like a Hole

The Supervillians on Tour:

Tour dates for The Supervillains have been choppy this year, playing a few shows here and across various locations in their home state of Florida. However, fans will have plenty of chances to check out The Supervillains in all their glory throughout the rest of the summer, as they are well underway with their latest tour which just recently kicked off alongside Authority Zero. Most of the dates between now and September are a good mix between east and west coast dates — check out a full listing below to see the closest show near you and grab your tickets today!


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Article By: Brian Glaser

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