The Supervillains Remix Record

The Supervillains Remix Record

The Supervillains are easily one of the most progressive bands in the scene, constantly working on an ever-evolving discography. Now, following the release of their recent Robots EP, and a subsequent national tour, The Supervillains are back in the studio, finishing up their latest project!

Amid their travels around the nation, The Supervillains haven’t missed a beat, using their time on the road productively remixing several select tracks. “This thing was kind of made by all of us. For this project, we have done it ourselves, in our own studio and recording a lot of it on the road…”

The band told us they have a few songs done and a few more to work on, rounding out the upcoming EP with seven or eight tracks. What songs are they re-working? With so many beloved singles, Bassist Dan Grundorf explained, “… that’s the problem we’re running into, we could remix everything, like what do we do?…We are trying to limit it. …There is a lot from “Post Cards,” we may do “Johnny Too Bad,” and of course “Resin”

When The Pier asked about the details of the remix project, the band revealed several of the artists that sat in on the project “We have Horns from Jeff Richie of the Tosters, Antonee First Class from the English beat, and up and coming hip-hop artist Danny Perez aka D.P.”

Dom Maresco, The Supervillains drummer and singer, further explained what the band is trying to accomplish with the remix record, “there is defiantly a lot more hip hop, more than anyone that’s listen to us is used to, some dance hall, its real different, real crazy.. just like Robots, and that’s key here. Everybody can wonder if we are trying to change our style of whatever we are trying to do.. but we are just trying to release a bunch of music, just trying to write tunes… I really don’t give a fuck for anyone telling us what we have to do or what we should be doing…we are doing what we feel like we should be doing, and we are writing music having a good time with it.. I’m enjoying the shit out of the remix album.”

The forthcoming remix record will be released via The Supervillains own label Rah Rah Rah Records. A final time table for release is uncertain, but stay tune to The Pier for further details on the highly anticipated project.

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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