The Supervillains’ Robots EP

The Supervillains’ Robots EP

On May 1st, The Supervillains officially released their new EP, Robots to the masses! This album release date coincides with west coast leg of The Supervillains’ nationwide Rah Rah Robots spring tour.

Like many fans, The Pier was very excited when The Supervillains posted a facebook picture of a composition book, simply titled, “Robots.” The Pier met up with Scott “Skart” Suldo, lead guitarist/co-vocals for The Supervillains, to discuss the background on the creation of the long awaited, Robots EP.

“The Robots EP is a blast from the past, 10 years in the making, firing audio cannonballs at the listener, as it volleys through 6 stages of afterlife and musical genre, covering everything from “Ska-pocalypse” to “Heaven-metal” … The em>Robots EP is sure to melt your insides full of magma and turn your testicles into snakes”. I asked Skart about the recent facebook posts the band has made, describing the new EP.

Skart explained ”It’s a 23 minute long, six song, non-stop concept record, about the stages of afterlife. It is based off Dante’s Divine Comedy.”. Skart continued on to say “I drop references all over this album, Dante, Wizard of OZ, the fans will have to listen up for all the references!”

If fans are looking for new reggae-rock music from The Supervillians, The Robots EP is not what your looking for. “No reggae on this album, this one is heavier, it has more teeth then the other albums. The ‘Villains have been many different bands over the years. We can play with any band! We started as a punk band, and then were a reggae band, and now this project is the heaviest we have done.”

Robots is a creative work of art, that the EP’s producer, Brett Hestla, compares to “an extended version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Skart pointed out the Pink Floyd influences that were audibly apparent in the song “Robots in Space”. More than just the influences was the creative approach musically. “A ton of instruments were used , horns, violin, cello, stand up bass… that one of the things I like about the album.”

On April 6th, The Pier along with a ton of raging hometown fans, got the first chance to hear a couple new songs off the new EP, when The Supervillains debuted them live at Orlando’s House of Blues, during their Old School Ska Punk Reggae Party in Florida.

That night the ‘Villains dusted off a few old favorites like “Uno Momento,” and “Beaches” to help send the audience back to the past, and usher in the old robots sound. Towards the middle of the set, Skart introduced the fans to “Robots in Limbo” and “Robots in Rapture.” To make the premier special, during the songs, the stage was invaded by a gang of dancing robots! Well, all the opening band members in cardboard robot costumes… It was killer show!

This EP is truly a different Supervillains album, one core ‘Villain fans will appreciate. It’s not reggae, but anyone who has a well rounded sense of music will enjoy it. Just like the comedy it is based upon, the Robots EP is The Supervillians’ inspired, allegorical vision of the afterlife. One where fans can jam to Robots traveling through “Rapture, Hell, Limbo Purgatory, Space, and Heaven.”

The Supervillains Spring Tour w/Kayavibe:
May 08 @ Warehouse Live. Houston, TX.
May 09 @ Jack’s. San Antonio, TX.
May 10 @ The Hut. Tucson, AZ.
May 11 @ Soma. San Diego, CA.
May 13 @ Slidebar. Sun Fullerton, CA.
May 15 @ The Catalyst. Santa Cruz, CA.
May 16 @ Ace’s. Sacramento, CA.
May 17 @ Hawthorne Theatre. Portland, OR.
May 18 @ Studio 7. Seattle, WA.
May 19 @ Ray’s Golden Lion. Richland, WA.
May 22 @ The Reef. Boise, ID.
May 23 @ Bar Deluxe. Salt Lake City, UT.
May 24 @ Aggie Theater. Ft Collins, CO.
May 25 @ Black Sheep. Colorado Springs, CO.
May 26 @ Larimer. Denver, CO.
May 29 @ The Launchpad. Albuquerque, NM.
May 30 @ Prophet Bar. Dallas, TX.
May 31 @ Flamingo Cantina. Austin, TX.
Jun 01 @ House of Rock. Corpus Christi, TX.

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Article & Photo By Aaron Solomon